Stila’s Perfect Me, Perfect Hue Palettes for All Skin Tones

Stila Perfect Me Perfect Hue Palette Review and Swatches
Stila hit the scene in a huge way back in the late 90’s and early 2000’s with their iconic Kitten Eyeshadow {my first ever Sephora purchase} and signature cardboard packaging. Since then they’ve gone through not one, but two packaging revamps and have really started to put function over funky. Case in point: the new Perfect Me, Perfect Hue Eye & Cheek Palettes that combine beautifully paired shadows and blush based on skin tone rather than eye colour. I recently got my hands on the Fair/Light palette to put to the test; Keep reading to see why it’s become my go to travel palette and why I think Stila’s got a winner concept going for them!
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Stila Perfect Me Perfect Hue Palette Review and Swatches


When it comes to multi use palettes, I often have the following complaints:
-I only really love a few shades
-There isn’t a good mix of light, transition and dark shadows
-They’re geared to ‘norm’ eye colours (ie Blue, Green, Brown) and leave us Hazel/Golden Green/Grey eyed gals in the dust.
So Stila did things a little different and instead of of building their new Perfect Me, Perfect Hue Palettes with a bunch of shadows and blushes that do not correspond with each other, they based their shade selections on skin tones. There’s a Fair/Light, Light/Medium, Medium/Tan, Tan/Deep, and of course while there are no rules in makeup, the shades as specifically designed to pop on the corresponding skin tones! Ever wonder which blush pairs best with your shadow? Ever wish that shadow palette you bought had a mix of light and dark shades? Yep, Stila’s got you sorted!
In true Stila fashion, these powders are super silky and blend really beautifully into each other. Since they are so fine, I would suggest a slightly tacky base for the mattes so that they don’t blend away too much. I was thrilled to see that even the pale shades were smoothly pigmented minus chalkiness, and that the blushes didn’t look ashy or dry on the skin. The shadows are also wet/dry, meaning that the dark shade can easily be amped up in drama by dampening your brush a little!
In terms of packaging, Stila’s totally upped their game with the matte gold/metallic gold accents. I love how they are making everything slim yet sturdy, and that this entire palette is about the size of my hand making it ideal for handbag or travelling! Even more so, I love that Stila didn’t try and overdo it by including lipstick or a cream product in this palette. Few things drive me nuts more than creams next to powders: they inevitably get grungy and the shelf like is much sooner than a powder.

I’m already planning on adding the Light/Medium Palette into my arsenal (even if I do need another palette like another hole in the head…). I think Stila has a winner on their hands here, and I love that they added some really deep rich shades that would look stunning on deeper complexions – brands quite often fall short here.Does the idea of a palette like this appeal to you?


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