Colourpop Ultimate Brush Roll Review
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ColourPop Ultimate Brush Roll | The Best Affordable Makeup Brushes?

Truth be told, I’m a total brush snob. 

I’ve amassed an extensive makeup brush collection over the years, and they’ve been something I’ve collected. Many are very expensive, but I think I’ve just discovered the best affordable makeup brushes on the market in the Colourpop Ultimate Brush Roll.

Colourpop Ultimate Brush Roll Review

Like many, my first brushes were MAC, but over the last 20+ years I’ve acquired some really unique brushes from brands like Surratt, Artis, Sonia G, Wayne Goss, IT Cosmetics, Hakohodo, Make Up For Ever, Morphe and Charlotte Tilbury… just to name a few šŸ˜‰

I’m picky when it comes to makeup brushes, but I’ve found some incredibly affordable gems over the years, including favourites from Wet ‘n Wild and Real Techniques. I hadn’t tried Colourpop brushed, however, so when the Ultimate Brush Roll launched I threw caution to the wind and ordered it… and I definitely haven’t regretted it! 

Colourpop Ultimate Brush Set Review
So What Makes a Good Makeup Brush?

For me, they have to be enjoyable to use, as well as serve a purpose.

I want soft brushes that don’t scratch but still serve the purpose of picking up the product and dispersing it evenly. Brushes that don’t (or very minimally) shed, are relatively easy to clean, and comfortable to hold in the hand. 

I’m high (brush) maintenance.

It’s actually exceptionally rare for me to pick up a set of brushes because I like to cherry-pick what works for my needs and often find sets have several redundancies in them.

I can genuinely say, that the Ultimate Brush Roll Set from Colourpop really surprised me. In the best way possible.

Colourpop Ultimate Brush Roll Review

[available here for $39 USD] has 14 vegan-friendly and cruelty-free brushes. Wrapped up in a blush pink faux leather roll for easy storage, you get 11 new brushes as well as 3 being from their best selling main collection. 

These brushes are obviously synthetic but shockingly soft and not at all plasticky feeling. The handles are full-length blush pink wood with rose gold ferrules and all of them have white bristles.

Colourpop Ultimate Brush Roll Review
The three face brushes that are included are:
  • Large face brush f18
  • Rounded cheek brush f20
  • Angled cheek brush f21

I really enjoy all three of these, even though I thought only two would be up my street.

I had prematurely assumed the Angled Cheek Brush wouldn’t be my cup of tea because of its bristles looking like they were cut a bit less tapered than I’d normally like. I’ll eat crow on that one though because it’s a fabulous brush for a really softly diffused blush or for applying powder really light handedly. 

The Rounded Cheek is a nice contour brush, or for strategic sculpting, and The Large Face Brush is gorgeously soft, making super diffused bronzer a breeze. It’s also fab just to buff over everything and blend it all together.  

Colourpop Ultimate Brush Roll Review
The eleven eye brushes in the set:
  • Deluxe blending brush e15
  • Large tapered blending brush e16
  • Detailed blending brush e17
  • Small dome brush e18
  • Precision blending brush e19
  • Micro shader brush e20
  • Round pencil brush e21
  • Medium shader brush e4
  • Small shader brush e3
  • Angled eye brush e6
  • Lip brush l1

I review them all detailed because we’d be here all-day, so I’ll go over the ones I love, and the ones that aren’t my fave, and why. Starting with the favourites:

DELUXE BLENDING BRUSH E15 – This super-soft brush is perfect for diffusing colour through the crease or to buff out harsh edges without disrupting the colour. 

PRECISION BLENDING BRUSH E19 – The perfect narrow tapered crease brush for precision colour placement! This is perfect for those of us that have deep creases, or if you’re wanting to fake the look of a crease.

ANGLED EYE BRUSH E6 – Possibly one of the best damn angled shadow brushes I’ve owned, which is shocking because it’s also the kind of brush I am most critical about! It’s stiff enough to pick up and lay down powder, gel, liquid with razor precision. Winged liner lovers NEED this brush.

ROUND PENCIL BRUSH E21 – I love the soft dome of these for buffing shadow on the lower lashline or to smoke up liner.

DETAILED BLENDING BRUSH E17 – A nice domed crease brush for laying down product with intensity, yet diffusing edges. Unlike many crease brushes this size, it’s not a pointed tip so the colour goes down really evenly. 

SMALL DOME BRUSH E18 – The perfect size flat brush for patting down cream shadow, cutting a crease or laying down metallic formulas.

Colourpop Ultimate Brush Roll Review

…and the ones I’m just “meh” on:

LIP BRUSH L1 – I just never use lip brushes, I don’t feel the need for them and so this is redundant to me. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with it, it just isn’t one I will reach for. 

LARGE TAPERED BLENDING BRUSH E16 – For a crease brush, I find the bristles of this a bit long and floppy leading to sloppy blending. Also, for what it is worth, mine seem a bit choppy in how they were cut with a few bristles sticking out a bit farther. 

MEDIUM SHADER BRUSH E4 – There’s absolutely nothing wrong with this brush, other than it’s a bit big for my eye size as a flat shader. It would be a great concealer brush if you like flat brushes for that, but it’s not something I will reach for personally much. 


I think this is the perfect set for beginners, those who are trying to build a brush collection or need to replace some brushes that are past their prime.

I am genuinely shocked by how much I love it and reach for these brushes in my routine now. The price can’t be beaten, even if you purchase at the full price of $44, you’re only paying $3 and change per brush!


The Best Affordable Makeup Brushes

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  1. Where are the brushes made? Iā€™m scouring the internet and I understand the makeup is made in LA but brushes can and are often made elsewhere. Do you know where they are made at?

  2. Hi, I’m a crazy fan of colourpop,
    colourpop is my the most favourite brand ever. I love them so much. Their products, packaging, price everything is awesome. Ok I’m being honest, There are lots of good brands than colourpop in market that are highly recommend than colourpop but colourpop is my favourite because I have a personal attraction with colourpop so I love them. Colourpop is my taste. If you want to know my taste in makeup means listen “colourpop is my taste”. If you tell me choose one cosmetic brand for your entire life means no doubt I’ll choose colourpop of course. Not only by packaging, quality of products also colourpop is good and grab my heart šŸ’œ.love you colourpop.

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