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MAC Studio Waterweight Foundation Review

With a crop of serum style foundations housed in bottles with dropper style tops popping up, it was only a matter of time before MAC jumped on the bandwagon. I always think of MAC as innovators when it comes to base products, and I know they like to perfect their products and create a range that not only has a diverse colour spectrum, but also a wide variety of finishes and formulas. Normally, with my dry skin I struggle to find a foundation the brand offers that sits well on my skin, so I was super intrigued when I heard that the new MAC Studio WaterWeight SPF 30 Foundation boasted something called Moisture-Fusion Complex, which is meant to keep skin hydrated throughout the day.

MAC’s new Studio Waterweight Foundation claims to have an elastic gel-serum formula that can blur imperfections like pores and fine lines, as well as feel silky to the touch and weightless on the skin.  It also has an impression Broad Spectrum SPF30 in it, which many foundations do not offer in terms of sun protection (SPF 15 is usually the most offered). Because of this, I would not recommend this for special occasion or nights out when flash photography might occur, since this would carry heavy flashback. 
After putting it to the test, I agree that this foundation is very silky to the touch (there is silicones in the formula, after the first ingredient which is water) but not in a slick way that I find some serum-style foundations. I would say that as I am applying it, it feels most similar to Chanel Vitalumiere Aqua Foundation, which is a long time favourite of mine and does have a very ‘water-like’ texture and feel to it. Both have a very ‘weightless’ feel to them so MAC hit the nail on the head with that claim. Also, while it does give a bit of an illusion of smoothed out pores and lines do to the eggshell-like satin finish, I did find near the end of the day the foundation had gathered slightly in pores and around the creases of my nose when looked up close in a mirror (I have dry skin, so this may be more noticeable on oilier skins). 
Housed in a glass bottle with pipette dropper, this is definitely a higher end look for MAC when it comes to their foundations. I love that the pipette offers control over how much product one uses – I like to dispense a few drops into the palm of my hand and then add more as I see fit. The formula is very thin and liquid in texture, and I find it goes on light upon first application but can be built up to a solid medium coverage, anything over that became very visible on the skin. The brand claims, fingers sponge or brush for application, however I prefer to use fingers or a soft fluffy brush like the Real Techniques Buffing Brush, as a sponge would just absorb a formula this thin. There is also 23 shades in the line, which is something MAC has always prided itself on.
MAC Studio Waterweight Foundation Review

MAC Studio Waterweight Foundation Review

MAC Studio Waterweight Foundation Review

So how did it perform?

I noticed right away that my skin had a luminosity that was subtle and not at all greasy looking. It seemed to blend out really well, and then settled nicely without oxidization or creasing, unless I tried to build it up too much, in which it got a bit cakey looking. I think this is a really lovely foundation for those with slightly dry, normal or combo skins (or really anyone who loves the Chanel Vitalumiere Aqua for texture and coverage) but would probably avoid on oily skin or super dry skin. I wore this sans primer for a solid 9 hours with minimal wear showing, and the rest of my makeup (bronzer, blush) wore well on top of it as well. 

Something to note: I found this (like recent MAC foundation launches) seems to run a bit light. I’ve been mixing NC15 and NC40 together to get the perfect shade, but normally I would be an NC25. 

I’ve had the chance to try a few serum/gel/fusion style foundations that have popped up on the radar in the last year and I can say that personally, MAC Studio Waterweight has been the most suited, and enjoyable to wear. I can see myself reaching for this plenty as an everyday foundation!


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