Natasha Denona 5 Palette #2

Natasha Denona Eyeshadows: Worth the Hype?

Natasha Denona 5 Palette #2

If you’ve been hiding under a rock (totally guilty of this sometimes!) when it comes to newcomers in the beauty world lately, you may not be familiar with Natasha Denona. The international makeup artist is known for her glossy, dewy skin and bold eyes. At the top of the hype for her line sits her powder eyeshadows. Promising an ultra pigmented, cream-like feel and application – well let’s just say I’ve been curious for ages. So what was stopping me, a self-proclaimed beauty hoarder addict from picking some up until now?


Natasha Denona 5 Palette #2

In a single word? PRICE. These little babies aren’t cheap my friends. I treated myself to the Eyeshadow Palette #02 at the sum of $61 CND. At first, I didn’t think much of that but then I realised I could have bought a 12 shadow Naked palette for that price and it had me feeling buyers remorse.

Like any true beauty lover though, I needed to know what the hype was all about. So I swatched the damn thing and turns out they are freaking fantastic. Sorry folks, but this is totally the case of getting what you pay for in terms of quality eyeshadows. They’re pigmented, they’re velvety feeling, they apply beautifully with fingers or brush, and they last without creasing on me all day!

Just take a look at my swatches below – all done without primer, and single pass (as I do all my swatches). The only shade the camera failed to truly capture was the gorgeous pale pink/peach/gold multichrome second from the bottom. In person, it makes the entire palette worth buying!

Natasha Denona 5 Palette #2

I have only two complaints about the palette I purchased (palette #02). The first was that there was only 1 matte shade ( the centre). I would have appreciated the deep plum perhaps being matte for a more balanced look.

Second is the packaging, which serves it’s purpose well in terms of nice compact portability, but lacks the luxury feel I would expect from dropping that kind of coin on a 5 shadow palette. It’s plastic, which is fine, but there is no mirror and the brush slot (that comes empty) doesn’t look like it would ever actually fit a brush in it and adds to a cheap, dare I say drugstore, look.

Natasha Denona 5 Palette #2

So are the Natasha Denona eyeshadows the bee’s knees and worth all the hype they are getting? Begrudgingly, yes. You might have to save your pennies for one or two (I won’t even tell you the price of the larger palettes!) but you’ll definitely get a return on your investment!

Let me know if you’ve tried these shadows or anything else from Natasha Denona in the comments below!


*Affiliate Links used. I purchased this item for review myself.

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  1. Oh my God they do look so stunning, I was really hoping you would just say no go home save your cash but you are right they are gorgeous, thank you for sharing. Fantastic post, love the swatches too xxx

    ALittleKiran | Bloglovin

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