The Charlotte Tilbury ‘Feline Flick’ Method

The Charlotte Tilbury Method Feline Flick Winged Liner
Winged liner, cat eye, feline flick, eyeliner flick – whatever you want to call it – is a method that challenges even the steadiest hands sometimes. It happens to be a look I adore on my own eyes, but I still wouldn’t call myself ‘foolproof’ at it. So i figured why not turn to the #1 makeup artist in the world, and general ‘Feline Flick’ aficionado herself, Charlotte Tilbury

The Charlotte Tilbury Method step by step Feline Flick Winged Liner
The ‘Tilbury Feline Flick’ is a method that Charlotte has performed and demonstrated many many times in her career that seems to work on all eye shapes. She’s broken it down into a few easy steps that with a touch of practise could give anyone the guts to try out the slightly bolder look. 
It all starts with the end…huh? Charlotte likes to take her liner of choice (often pencil, surprisingly) and make a tiny dot where she wants the winged out part of the liner to end on both eyes. She suggests doing this with eyes open, staring straight ahead in a mirror (you eye shape changes when you close your eyes) and then checking to make sure they match on both sides.
She then draws the line along the upper lashes 3/4 of the way along, starting from inner corner out. When she gets to the 3/4 mark, she directs the pencil up towards the dot. 
From there, she fills in the triangle created, connecting the flick or wing to the lower lash line to look fluid, and runs the pencil along the upper liner to smooth over any gaps or jagged edges.
charlotte tilbury rock 'n' kohl iconic liquid eye pencil in barbarella brown

charlotte tilbury rock 'n' kohl iconic liquid eye pencil in barbarella brown
Normally, I am a liquid liner girl for this look, but Charlotte’s weapon of choice is often one of her Rock ‘n’ Kohl Iconic Liquid Eye Pencils, which are a gorgeously pigmented uber creamy product that sets up super fast and then stays put. I gave the method and look above a try with the Barbarella Brown Rock ‘n’ Kohl*, a gorgeous deep chocolate brown, and was really happy with the sultry look I got. I still feel I need a touch of practise using a pencil, and due to the fact I have a deep crease that comes down quite low on the outer corners I feel I probably should have started drawing up towards the dot a little sooner that I did for a bit more of an uplifted look. All and all though, I think this method gives a really good guideline for getting your eyeliner to match every time. 
What is your favourite style of eyeliner to wear? Have you tried this method, or something similar? 


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