Aerin Gardenia Rattan | The Scent That Might Remind You of Your Grandmother (in the best possible way!)

Aerin Gardenia Rattan Eau de Parfum Fragrance review
I recently got the chance to try some bits from the Aerin range and one of the products that stood out the most was the Gardenia Rattan Eau de Parfum Spray*.  The bottle is utterly gorgeous with its gold accents and jade top cap, but that wasn’t the first thing I noticed about it. Instead I took an initial sniff and immediately had memories of my grandmother as a kid wearing a scent that had similar notes. So much so I called my mother to mention it. Naturally the first time she smelled it she said, “oh yeah, that’s her alright!”

If you’ve not heard of Aerin before, she’s not only the granddaughter of beauty icon, Estée Lauder, but she’s the style and image director of Estée Lauder. She’s recently launched a line of accessories, home decor and beauty products aptly named Aerin, which has a distinctly modern, yet elegant feel. Clearly good intuitive, business sense and genes run in the Lauder family!

Now I know what you’re thinking, and I can attest that this is not a ‘Grandmotherly’ scent, but rather one that seems to garner a nostalgic feeling, and take you back to a warm, comforting place. The top notes are naturally Gardenia, but also Tuberose, Amber and Wet Marine Notes (whatever those might be!). I feel like it’s the flower garden meets the ocean, with a warm finish that brings in the nostalgic feel.
It’s rare that I stray from my all time favourite Chanel Chance Eau Tendre, but I’ve been wearing this since I got my hands on it. I went to do a little research on it, and found something really quite fitting: Aerin designed this particular fragrance in homage to her Grandmother, who loved gardenia and says she holds Gardenia Rattan very close to her heart. How fitting is it that the first thought that ran through my head when smelling it was of my own Grandmother?!
I’ve seen that Aerin has also released two rose scented fragrances that are now on my list to try, being a lover of rose scented products. Have you tried any of the Aerin products (fragrance or beauty?) Is there a scent that reminds you of your grandmother?


I was kindly sent the products with an ‘*’ for consideration. 

This post is not sponsored nor am I compensated to mention said products.

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