MASCARA MONDAY | L’Oreal Voluminous Butterfly Mascara

Since I’ve been on a mascara buying binge, I figured I’d start putting my mascara reviews and first impressions on Mondays, thus calling them Mascara Mondays. 
This week, I thought I’d go back to a brand that hasn’t impressed me with a mascara in years and try out their newest (and somewhat gimmicky looking) release. 

L’Oreal Voluminous Butterfly Mascara is pretty bizarre and unique looking by brush/wand standards. Some could say it looks a bit gimmicky with it’s asymmetrical shape and comb like bristles, but this reason alone was why I wanted to try it. I haven’t liked a L’Oreal mascara since they discontinued by beloved Lash Out years ago. I find the regular Voluminous formula flaky and gummy beyond belief, and regardless of waterproof formula, their mascaras always seem to weight down my lashes.

So my thoughts on the Butterfly mascara for its first impression? The separation and length is very good. It could give more volume, but I’ll take this over the thick like glue volumizing mascaras I am used to from L’Oreal. The brush does make it a tad hard if you are the type who doesn’t like to do hand aerobics to get into the inner and outer corners. Given it’s shape, you will probably find one eye a little easier to do, unless you are ambidextrous, in which cause kudos to you!

You can see in the demo pics above, in #1 I have no mascara and uncurled lashes. #2 has my lashes curled followed by #3 being a single coat and #4 a second coat of this mascara. I could have kept coasting, but I would recommend going in with subsequent coats before each layer gets a chance to dry. After they have dried, the rubber/silicone bristles don’t seem to be able to comb through and evenly disperse the product.

I’ll keep using this mascara. It leaves my lashes feeling semi soft, with the curl in tact and feels very light on the lashes, with no flaking so far. It will probably end up being the mascara I use first, then followed by a coat of thickening mascara for extra drama. I also didn’t find it particularly easy to navigate on my lower lashes, so I will be skipping this one for that application.

Have you tried this mascara? What is your current favourite mascara, and which are you curious about?

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