• Have You Tried a Smoothie Delivery Service Yet?
  • Have You Tried a Smoothie Delivery Service Yet?

    Revive Superfoods Smoothies Review


    Sure, when all the fruits and veg you love are in season, then it’s convenient. But more often than not, the combinations that make up great tasting smoothies can really tally up that grocery bill. I had no idea that a smoothie delivery service even existed until I came across Revive Superfoods. Turns out, its affordable, tasty and well thought out so you don’t have to be!

    Revive Superfoods Smoothies Review


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    HOW IT WORKS: The Revive Superfood Smoothies are filled with yummy combinations of fruits, veggies, chia seeds, oats, flax, matcha and other flavourings. The fruit and vegetables are frozen at the peak of freshness to ensure your smoothie tastes delish. 

    You choose how many smoothies or oatmeal bows you’d like delivered, either weekly or monthly. Then you choose your flavours; There are 12 smoothie options and 4 oats. You can mix and match the flavours you like and I chose Matcha Maker, Liquid Gold and Pink Dragon

    Revive Superfoods Smoothies Review

    They’re available to ship to all of Canada and the West Coast of the United States (sparing some remote postal codes) and arrive on dry ice via Fedex. Anticipating people not being home fro delivery, the dry ice keeps your smoothie cups ice cold until you can put them in your freezer!

    When you’re ready to sip, you fill the cup to the top with your liquid of choice. I prefer coconut water with my smoothies. Then you toss in a blender. You can then pour your blitzed smoothie back into the cup, and the lid has a punch out to put your reusable straw. This makes them perfect to take to work, have for on the go or pull our post-workout.  

    Revive Superfoods Smoothies Review

    My favourite flavour, by far is Liquid Gold. It’s full of anti-inflammatory, vitamin A and enzyme loaded ingredients including Papaya, Mango, Turmeric, Carrots, Ginger, Chia Seeds, Pineapple and Coconut Oil. It’s got a tropical taste with zip from that ginger and turmeric and it blends perfectly with the coconut water. I always add a scoop of my AURA Nutrition Collagen to my smoothies as well, but you could always add protein powder to really make it a full meal. 

    I was really impressed with the Revive Superfoods Smoothie service. If I had to find one con, it was that I wish they had more flavours without banana. I’d love to see some options including avocado to get that creaminess. While it is a subscription service, I’d love the option to order a box of smoothies singularly – mainly because I’m totally forgetful about cancelling things and I have a tiny freezer!


    Have you ever tried premade smoothies? 


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    Thank you Revive Superfoods for sending these smoothies for me to try! All opinions on this post are 100% my own, and I make no commission of the use of my discount code. 


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