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10 Bad Beauty Habits You Should Kick to the Curb | Part 2

10 bad beauty habits you should kick to the curb part 2
A few weeks back I posted , which seemed to go over really well. So naturally, my brain got thinking and there were many more bad habits that came to me. We’ve all got a bad habit or two, but when it comes to your health, and the environment there are just some your should kick, in fact – here’s ten of them!

Peeling Off Nail Polish
Let’s start out with a bad habit I am 100% guilty of myself, shall we? The minute I see a chip, I am peeling and picking away at my polish until it’s all gone. It’s a sickness, I swear. The thing is, it isn’t good for your nails, and can strip them of the natural oils, make them brittle and thin (which I know all too well). Instead keep a easy access bottle of nail polish remover by your desk or on your vanity so you can remove the polish before you’re tempted to pick away.
What to Try: I like the Formula X Delete Nail Polish Remover because it’s got a super easy pump dispenser, works fast and doesn’t smell as hideous as some removers.
Not Moisturizing Your Neck & Decollete Area 
I always think the neck and hands are a real telling sign of a person’s age. The sun damage alone will make you look older, especially on your neck and chest where the skin isn’t a hearty. Having a perky youthful face, but crepey neck and chest covered in sun spots isn’t going to fool anyone! Make it part of your routine, put a dot of moisturizer on each cheek, forehead, two on the neck and three along the collar bones, then massage in. I tend to find it easier to remember to do this at night before bed (though twice a day is probably better – but possibly slightly unrealistic) 
What to Try: I’m a big fan of Origins skincare line in general for facial creams and lotions. There is something for everyone (I’m a Make A Difference Plus cream girl myself).
Hoarding Expensive Beauty Products for Special Occasions
I know the feeling, you drop a rent payment on a gorgeous bronzer compact because it was limited edition, or a lipstick in a gold bullet for a special occasion… and then you’re afraid to use it. The lines “I’ll save it for special occasions” and “it’s too pretty to use” come to mind. I’ve been there, but something I have learned is that if I am going to invest in luxury cosmetics, I am darn well going to USE them! Products have shelf lives: lipsticks go off in scent and texture, powders can crust with a film, cream products dry out and harden. So for heaven’s sakes enjoy that $50 lipstick you dished out for – and get every $1 out of it!
What to Try: I used to feel this way about my YSL Rouge Pur Couture Glossy Stains, which at $39 CND I’d convinced myself were special occasion only, until I realized that I had spent $40 on a purse filler basically that would probably get gnarly and gross before I got to really enjoy it. 
Not Getting Regular Hair Cuts
Guilty. As. Charged. I was THE WORST at getting regular haircuts (still am). As a long hair girl my whole life, I truly subscribed to the motto of ‘let it grow until it looks dead then trim’ in fear that the hairdresser would lop off my locks because they could (I’ve actually been there, a story for another day). The thing is, I would leave my hair 9-10-12 months between cuts and as I’ve gotten older, my hair has ages as well. No longer are the days of healthy hair no matter it’s length. Now I struggle with dried out, frizzy hair that breaks and has thinned (what a treat huh?) and a regular hair cut will keep my poor sad little ends looking so much fuller and fresher. I don’t necessarily believe every 6-8 weeks is needed like hair pros will tell you, but at least every 2.5-3 months.
What to Try: I recently had a visit to the Aveda Institute here in Vancouver after no cutting my hair for 10 months, and rather than scolding me they just took amazingly good care of me. Watch for a whole review on my experience coming next week!
Squeezing Blackheads, Milia, Whiteheads
I know it’s sickly satisfying to squeeze, poke and prod at them, and there is a whole youtube community devoted to watching videos of such (learned that by accident…) but unless you are a trained facialist or dermatologist, chances are you’re going to do more harm than good. General rule of thumb for me is if its come to a head, clean hands and give a gentle squeeze. If it doesn’t release right away, BACK OFF, unless you don’t mind scarring, causing enlarged pores accidentally, or spreading nasty bacterial. 
What to try: The Boscia Luminizing Black Mask works a treat on congested, blackhead speckled complexions. And the peeling off afterwards will satisfy your ‘popping/squeezing/picking/ urges. Not to mention you’ll kind of look like Cat Woman whilst waiting for it to set with its patent black finish. Hot.
10 bad beauty habits you should kick to the curb part 2
Do I really need to go on about this? Cancer, Yellow Teeth, Emphysema, Bad Breath, Cataracts, Risk of Stroke and Heart Failure… should I keep going? At the end of the day it’s hard to quit, I get it truly, all you can do is try, try again. But for those young’uns out there picking it up because of it’s hip, rebel or generall ‘badass’ status: Just Don’t. It’s never worth it.
What to Try: If you think you are addicted or can’t quit on your own, talk to your doctor about your options or programs that may be available to you. Your place of employment may also have a program in place.
Biting or Tearing Your Nails
I’ve never been a biter, but I’m a tearer for sure. One little nick or break in the nail and I am picking away until I’ve torn the tips off. As you can imagine, this makes it really hard for your nails to grow, as well as makes them thin and brittle with the potential for hangnails, infections and other nasties.
What to Try: I keep a nail file right by my computer. If I am tempted I pull it out before I go full-hog self manicure. I do find once my nails get a little closer to the length I desire, my urge to pick and tear goes down, it’s just getting there!
Using Products with Microbeads
These days we’re starting to hear more and more about the environmentally damaging effects of microbeads in our health and beauty products. Thankfully many parts of the world are starting to get on board in banning the use of these, but it will take time to phase out, and your country might not be doing anything. You can read all about it on beatthemicrobead.org 
What to Try: Naturally exfoliating products like Tata Harper Regenerating Cleanser which is made from ingredients like apricot seed powder, pomegranate enzymes and French pink clay. 
Only Getting Water from Your Coffee
As much as you want to believe it, your multiple cups of coffee each day are not interchangeable with drinking good old H2O. Same goes for pop (soda for you Americans!), Red Bull or Beer folks. The coffee, pop and red bull have caffeine which is a diuretic (thus you should be drinking even more water when living on these things) and the beer and energy drinks are a sodium bomb, making you retain water (not good though it may sound) leaving you bloated, dehydrated and lackluster. 
What to Try: what worked for me was keeping a nice BPA free water bottle near me at all times. I knew once I’d downed a full on, that it counted for 2 of my daily 8 of 8 ounces. The more water you drink, the easier it will get. Besides an improvement on your skin, possibly your digestion and your energy, you might also notice things like a reduction in headaches or migraines, or that your 3pm coffee crash is significantly reduced. More water is always good for the body, mind and soul!
Excessive Caffeine 
Speaking of Coffee… you knew I was going there. We live in a world where a ‘morning cup of joe’ is actually about 3-6 cups throughout the day. You know that Venti you treat yourself to in the morning? That’s actually 2.5 cups of coffee. Add in the Grande you drink mid afternoon, and the bottle of Coke you had with lunch and you’re in serious caffeinated state most of the day. 
Besides the diuretic effect mentioned, caffeine can also cause a laxative effect and of course the possibility to not be able to fall asleep at night. All of this leads to dehydration, exhaustion and generally crappy feeling skin, body and well being.
What to Try: Lots of options here – more water, go decaf, or try tea (watch some have lots of caffeine!). Many find that slowly weening themselves off coffee all together completely cuts their desire for it.

There you have it: 10 more bad beauty habits that should be kicked to the curb. Obviously some are more detrimental than others, as well as easier to remedy than others. 

Which bad beauty/health habits do you have?


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