10 Vancouver Bloggers You Should Follow

10 Vancouver Bloggers You Should Follow
girl loves gloss is 8 years old, but I’ve been blogging since 2009.

Not only do I love photography, writing and all that blogging entail, but I genuinely enjoy reading blogs as well. I’ve been known to binge read blogs whenever I get a chance, and I’ve got quite the Bloglovin subscription list going.

So the other day when I was having a little brainstorming sesh (does anyone else do their best thinking in the shower?) the idea popped into my head to share my favourite Vancouver based bloggers here.

I believe in sharing the love and have had the pleasure of meeting every single one of these ladies in person over the years. Heck, some of them I even consider close friends! 

So here’s my top 10 Vancouver based beauty, lifestyle, travel, motherhood, recipe and fashion bloggers – please leave your faves in the comments below!

10 Vancouver Bloggers You Should Follow

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