Make Up For Ever Goes Ultra HD for 4K

make up for ever ultra hd foundation 4k video review
With 4K video becoming more and more accessible it was only a matter of time before a cosmetic line started creating products for even higher definition. It’s no surprise to me that Make Up For Ever was the line that hopped on that bandwagon first, given their original HD Foundation formula was one of the first in its market when originally released. Now the brand has revamped their cult classic, which naturally I had to try…

make up for ever ultra hd foundation 4k video review

The newly released Make Up For Ever Ultra HD Foundation is the new revamp of the brands classic HD Foundation, which was a favourite of many including Kim Kardashian. I honestly never could wear the original formula, it was so chalky and matte on my dry skin, which made me sad because I really wanted to love it! Thankfully the brand has paid plenty of attention to how video technology has advanced since the original was released, and they have reinvented their classic in a smoother, silkier, more weightless formula suitable for 4K HD video. 

Even better news? I actually really like the new formula! It feels super soft on my skin, settles down nicely without staying super matte, nor dewy – rather a nice satin. I always felt that tell tale mask like feeling with the old formula, and the new version feels weightless on my skin. It well wore for a solid 9 hours before I noticed some slight build up around the corners of my nose (which happens with almost any foundation on me after that amount of time) but at that point I feel a foundation doesn’t own me anything.

The texture is liquid on the slightly thicker rather than thinner side. I prefer to use a dense buffing brush for application (though apparently Make Up For Ever creator Dany Sanz prefers a flat paddle style brush, for what its worth!). My two favourites are my Real Techniques Expert Face Brush and my Sigma F82 Round Top Kabuki.

The brand has a whopping 40 shade range which is really impressive, and made a solid commitment to having diversity in different undertones, which is something I’ve come to know and love from Make Up For Ever. The packaging is almost the same as before, which is pretty bland in terms of vanity display but functional for a makeup artist’s kit. 

make up for ever ultra hd foundation 4k video review
Wearing Make Up For Ever Ultra HD Foundation in Y305 (formerly 140 in the original HD)

You can see in the picture above (no filter, completely unedited or retouched in anyway!) that it really does look incredibly natural on the skin. I hate when brands use the word ‘invisible’ to describe foundations, but I honestly feel like it looks like a better version of my complexion. I easily could have build up the coverage if needed, which is nice for special events or evenings out, and it doesn’t contain sunscreen so there is no flashback to be concerned of.

Overall, I am thrilled to finally be able to love and wear Make Up For Ever’s new Ultra HD Foundation. Out with the old, in with the new!


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