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    Sunday Splurge | Make Up For Ever Aqua Seal

    make up for ever aqua seal

    Usually Sundays around here are devoted to awesome bargain beauty purchases that rival luxury brand quality, but occasionally I like to switch things up and pull one of my favourite high end products that is totally worth the splurge.

    The Make Up For Ever Aqua Seal is something that I feel is 100% necessary in my collection, yet rarely talk about.  This little gem transforms loose pigments and cake liners into a completely waterproof formula. When it comes to waterproof makeup, Make Up For Ever is definitely the brand I lean to, and this totally doesn’t disappoint.
    My favourite application use for this is to mix with my Laura Mercier Tightline Cake Liners – one drop in the pan mixed up with my eyeliner brush and then painted on leaves a completely opaque, matte, budge proof finish. This also works a treat with loose shadows and pigments – mix a drop of this (thats it, a drop is all you need!) and your loose powder into a paste and voila! Instant cream eyeliner.
    A chat with a makeup artist for the brand mentioned to me that you can mix a drop with the Aqua Creams to sheer them out for a totally different finish, but I’ve yet to try, and I will mention this though – if you use this with a traditional pressed powder formula, be prepared to ONLY use this with it from now on, because it will seal the top layer of the powder in a waterproof film.

    Have you tried the the Make Up For Ever Aqua Seal? Is this a product you would use?
    For $25 CND I would consider this a splurge purchase, but totally worth it!


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