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A good long while ago I wrote detailing foundation bases, and which ones worked for what purposes. This time round we’re talking about eyeshadow bases/primers, and which ones I choose for which reasons. Let’s break it down…

Mac Pro LongWear Paint Pot in Soft Ochre – the base to reach for when using matte shadows. The pale yellow beige tone cancels out veins and redness in the lids, and then sets to a soft matte finish which shadows blend on top of beautifully. This would be the shade for fair to medium skin tones, tanned and darker might want to reach for Groundwork, or Layin Low.
Make Up For Ever Aqua Cream in #13 – this is the base that can be worn all on its own, or as a base for shimmery eyeshadows up amp up the glimmer or give a more metallic finish. These were formulated for synchronized swimmers so they truly are waterproof, so this is the one to reach for on a beach vacation or humid weather. 
Nars Pro-Prime Smudgeproof Eyeshadow Base – This primer to beat all primers when it comes to stubborn shadows that insist on creasing. This is a colourless formula that doubles as an under eye primer if you are having trouble with your concealer creasing. This is my pick for loose pigments and creamy powder shadows like the Bare Minerals Ready Shadows, which are gorgeous but for some reason crease on anything other than this. 
Too Faced Glitter Glue – The only primer worth using with glittery or sparkly shadows and pigments. This has a tacky finish which means you will want to do all other shadow and blending work first, then pat this on where you plan on applying fall out worthy shadows. I haven’t found anything else that literally ‘glues’ sparkles in place like this.

What are your favourite eyeshadow bases and primers? Have you tried any of these mentioned?

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