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    SEASONAL STAPLES | L’oreal Infalliable Shadow in Amber Rush

    This summer was the season of bronze and rose gold for me. I was all about the single shadow+liner sultry look; A look I plan on rocking right through Autumn.

    While I had a few shadows that I worked the single shadow swept on look with, the rosy copper shade of L’oreal’s Infalliable Shadow in Amber Rush was at the top of the list all summer long and has stayed tops right into Fall. There is just something so effortless about an eyeshadow that manages to look dimensional on the eye with such little effort. Swept on with a finger for a metallic finish, or a brush for a more subtle look, this shadow manages to give depth without the aid of a crease colour. 

    I found myself wearing this most days this summer with a chocolate liner like Urban Decay’s Demolition, and adding a bit of sexiness at night with a smokey black like Urban Decay Perversion along the lash line and in water and tight lines. Of course, lashings of mascara are a must!

    If you haven’t tried these shadows, give them a go – you’ll thank me for the nudge! As far as drugstore pricing, the quality truly is high end. Buttery smooth and uber pigmented for about a tenner? Yes please!

    What shadows did you rock this summer that you plan on wearing right through the Fall? have you tried the L’Oreal Infalliable shadows? What other shades should I look for?


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