DUPE – the word we all know and hope for when a product comes out that strains the ole wallet a little, or becomes famously elusive. I’ve often heard of it to describe the Rimmel Scandaleyes Nude pencil to the Mac Chromagraphic nc15 nw20 pencil. But is it really a dupe, or is it just similar

Since the Rimmel pencil didn’t actually release in Canada until not long ago, I had hunted down the Mac Chromagraphic pencil about a year ago. I’ve been loving it ever since; a buttery brightening nude pencil that gives the perfect perk me doll eyed effect up to tired or red eyes. Quite frankly, I feel it is worth every penny, but then I heard there was something dupable, and from the drugstore no doubt. My interest was peeked!
Enter Rimmel’s Scandaleyes Waterproof Kohl in Nude into the mix and the word “dupe” starts getting thrown around. But are they true dupes? I base my determination on two factors : is the colour exactly the same, and does it perform the same.
The answer? No and maybe.

 As you can see from the picture above, the Rimmel has a slightly peachy pinker tone to it. Now this may not sound or look like a massive difference swatched on the back of my hand, but I do notice it in my waterline. The Mac pencil definitely gives my eyes a bit more of that wide awake look, but I am light to medium skinned, and I can honestly not see this being as big a difference on someone with tan to dark skin, where both are going to give that pop.
As for quality of pencil and wearability, I find them interchangeable. They are both buttery smooth pencils that last a similar length in my waterline.

So the verdict? I reach for the Mac first because the colour really does make a difference being that slightly bit brighter on me. I keep the Rimmel in my handbag for the sometimes needed mid afternoon pick me up.

Would I buy both again? No, I would spend the extra money and go for the Mac.

What are your thoughts on nude liners? Have you tried them, and if so which one do you like best?

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