Summer Skincare Must Haves

Summer Skincare You Need to Try

Summer Skincare Must Haves

[dropcap]W[/dropcap]hile my skin stays dehydrated all year round (lovely, I know), the summertime definitely presents some different challenges for me. There’s more to consider, like what will hold up in the heat, and what will help prevent the heat from zapping any good moisture into my skin. Oh, and did I mention the heat? Because lots of layers in the dead of summer sounds like no good fun. Basically, this is Jaime’s Summertime Skin Survival Kit – you’re welcome!

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5 Skincare Must Haves For the Summer

When the Summer heat turns up a notch, my pale sensitive skin needs some special attention! There’s constantly washing my hands (because clammy sunscreen hands are eww) and general feeling like my skin is melting off (Summer just isn’t my season folks). Here’s what gets me through!


A Skincare Quality Face SPF

When I see someone slap any old coconut-scented sunscreen on their face, I cry a little inside. Putting a high-quality sunscreen on your face that is created to be an extension of your skincare with change your SPF game. One of my recent favourites is the IT Cosmetics Anti-Aging Armour*. It’s a UVA/UVB Broad Spectrum Physical SPF 50 that is slightly tinted to counteract the white ashy look some sunscreens can leave behind. I don’t find it drying or oily feeling, and it sits really well under makeup.


A Cooling Primer

While you might not reach for this during the cold season, I’ve been loving the Origins Pore Perfecting Cooling Primer* for these record-breaking days! It’s a unique concept; A mousse consistency that actually feels incredibly cool to your skin when you first apply it. Besides the instant chill (seriously can I put this all over my whole body?) the primer does give me a smooth look to my skin without feeling tight.


A Healing Cream for Tips to Toes

I had the chance to work with Dermakalm last month and I was so thrilled that the Hand and Contact Eczema Cream* worked so well. It sinks in super fast and leaves no greasy residue. When I feel like I wash my hands even more than usual (think grimy sunscreen hands) and the heat irritates my eczema prone skin, even more, this cream is so worth having on hand. You can read my full review .

Summer Skincare Must Haves

Sunscreen You Can Spray On

I love the Clarins Sunscreen Care Oil-Free Lotion Spray so much that I look forward to wearing it each summer. It smells divine (almost slightly masculine) and it sinks in leaving a subtle glow to the skin. I tend to stick to the lower level SPF here because my mom-bod doesn’t get much sun exposure these days, but the brand also makes an SPF 30 and 50 in spray formula.


Protect Your Pucker

Friends, let me tell you that burnt lips are NO FUN.  Dry, chapped and peeling lips or even blistered lips is pretty darn hard to treat after the fact. When choosing a lipbalm, make sure to find one with sunscreen like my all time favourite Jack Black Moisture Therapy SPF 25. Reapply often, because we all know how quickly lip balm wears off! Trust me on this, You’ll be grateful for your smooth, plump and youthful lips decades from now. Also, this balm doesn’t have a sheen to it; convince the men in your life to wear it too, please!

Summer Skincare Must Haves

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