How to Pack your hospital bag for a c section
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Packing for a C Section | What I Used and What I Didn’t

How to Pack your hospital bag for a c section

[dropcap]I[/dropcap]f you read my labour and delivery story, you’ll know that little Everly’s entrance into the world wasn’t exactly textbook, nor easy. After going 2 full weeks late, 3 days of failed induction (ouchie, I’m still cringing about this) and ultimately a C Section that I had about 3 hours prep for – Everly finally made it into this world. The next few days were filled with lots of “thank god I packed_____” moments, as well as a few, “Damn I wish I’d brought a_______” regrets. So I thought it might actually be helpful to share my experience – This is basically a ‘What to Pack in Your Hospital Bag’ post but with some C Section specific extras.

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Granny Panties Are a Must

You can throw them out afterwards, but regardless of delivery, you’re going to need some large underwear to hold the massive postpartum pads in. The hospital will provide you with a pair or two of disposable mesh underwear (side note: they are awesome and if you can sneak a few more, do it!), but the nurses tend to guard them 24/7 and they can be stingy about giving you more. If you have a C Section like me, you are going to want these to rise up to your belly button; I’m not joking. I had to call my BFF and get her to deliver a pack of these to me the day I went home because the thought of any of my bikini briefs rubbing against my incision still makes me cringe.


A NEW Tube of Lip Balm

If you talk to any new mom they will probably tell you that lip balm is a must. Between panting through contractions, breathing through pushing, antibiotics, the dry sterile environment of a hospital – I could go on – you’re lips are going to be hella dry. I went through an entire tube of my favourite lip balm in my 3.5 days in the hospital and caught myself praising everyone that told me I would need it.


A Nursing Nightgown For Post Shower 

Most of the time I was in the hospital, I was in a hospital gown. I mean, why get something of yours all gross during delivery and recovery? Having said that, after taking that first much-needed shower it felt AMAZING to get into some PJs of my own. I fell in love with these nursing nightgowns during my pregnancy and it was light and airy to wear, with no waistbands rubbing against my bandages. They clip down for nursing if you choose to do so too, so you can feel a bit more put together than pulling down the entire hospital gown.



Full Panel Leggings Aren’t Just For Pregnancy

I hate to tell you this, because I know I was really sick of my maternity clothes by the end, but you’ll be wearing them for at least a little while postpartum. Post C Section I was so grateful I brought my favourite full panel leggings so they not only supported my now empty belly but allowed room overtop of my bandages without any rubbing. And yes, I am still wearing them 2 months later!


 Go the Distance…With Your Charging Cable

Regardless of C Section or not, your hospital birth with likely have you in there for at least a night (in my case, it was 3 nights). Even if you have your phone on Do Not Disturb to ward off all those well-meaning, albeit pesky, “Is the baby here yet?” texts – you will undoubtedly kill your phone battery with cute newborn pictures. I wish I had brought an extra long cable like this one with me, because old hospital = outlets in far away corners.


Midnight… 3am... Anytime Snacks

We all know hospital food is the pits, but honestly you might just be so hungry you eat it (I’m the pickiest eater ever and I found myself eating things I’d normally never touch…). The problem is food service is at ‘normal’ hours and you’re going to be awake/asleep all over the map. Do yourself a favour and pack a box of granola or energy bars for you and your partner. At 4am when you’ve been up for hours and you missed dinner because you got a 20-minute cat nap, you’ll thank me. We both loved these ones for a quick energy boost.

What I Brought and Didn’t Use

A bluetooth speaker – I had this idea in my head that delivery would be to my favourite tunes and honestly I was so damn exhausted I didn’t want to listen to music I just wanted baby out and baby out NOW.

Magazines to read – I thought there would be some downtime to read casually. The whole lead up to C Section was so nervewracking though and after she arrived I was so exhausted I couldn’t have focused on my Allure mag if I tried.

More than one outfit for baby – I had a feeling I would find dressing Everly terrifying for the first time and I was right. It was plenty warm in the hospital and she spent her days in a diaper wrapped up in blankets, plenty cosy. To bring her home we popped her in an adorable snap down sleeper and called it a night.

What did you pack in your hospital bag that came in super handy? What did you wish you left at home?


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