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  • SUNDAY SPLURGE | Benefit Gimme Brow

    Benefit Gimme Brow Product Review Eyebrows
    I’m all about a bargain but some products are just worth spending on, so todays post is a good old Sunday Splurge. This little gem has become an absolute must in my makeup routine and nothing has managed to replace it. Sometimes it’s the tiniest of products that pack the most punch…

    I’ve always had sparse eyebrows, but was also blessed with being a teen of the 90s which has inevitably left me with the wimpiest of eyebrows. For years I used clear gels to set them in place after some filling in, and dealt with the dreaded crusty eyebrow dandruff (I cringe just thinking about it).

    I’ve tried several tinted gels on the market, but none of them offer what Benefit Gimme Brow does, which is actually a volumizing wwater-resistantfibre gel that sets the brows in place whilst making them look like they are fuller with more texture.
    I honestly thought I wasn’t going to like this product when I first tried it, and immediately changed my mind. I feel like my brows look so much better and not the obvious “I filled them in” when I use this, and the teeny tiny wand makes it so easy to sweep through.
    Benefit Gimme Brow Product Review Eyebrow before and after
    On the left is a my bare brow, and the right a brow with a touch of pencil and Benefit Gimme Brow
    I find that my eyebrows never feel crispy or take on a shiny gel finish that clear brow products do, but rather the volumizing fibres in the gel actually oompf up the thickness of each brow hair. It also tames down all those little hairs that stick in wayward directions, and keeps them there all day.
    At $28 CND it isn’t cheap by any means, but I keep buying it over and over knowing there isn’t really anything out there that compares! A splurge worth its weight, I’d say!
    What is your most recent favourite splurge? Is there a product you keep buying over and over, despite it’s cost?


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