• Baby’s First 6 Months | The Things I Used the Most
  • Baby’s First 6 Months | The Things I Used the Most

    The 6 baby Related Products I Relied on the Most in the First 6 Months

    [dropcap]I[/dropcap]t’s almost unfathomable to me that in a few days Everly will be 6 months old! Those first few months come with so many incredible challenges. Given Everly joined us in this world as a rather spirited little girl (colic is a cruel mistress!), I was quick to try anything I could that could calm her. I reckon new parents are of the most desperate variety – we’ll buy anything if it soothes a crying baby! Here are 5 things that are worth their weight in gold as far as I am concerned when it comes to those first 6 months as a parent.

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    5 Baby Products I Relied on the Most in the First 6 Months

    Milksnob Infant Carseat Cover*

    This cover was an absolute must for a winter baby like ours! It’s thin and breathable, yet blocks the wind out and provides shade in the harsh lighting of grocery stores. The fabric is soft like your favourite tshirt and doubles as a nursing cover. When Everly dozed off in the car, I would pop this on as not to wake her. I had a couple of other less expensive covers, but nothing has held up to washing and use like the Milk Snob cover, and we got so many compliments on it!



    The DockATot*

    If you’ve read this post, you’ll already know that our household is a BIG fan of the DockATot. In the early days of colic, Everly would only sleep and rest in the Dock. The days were long, but the nights she slept and for that, I would have paid over and over for it!



    Fisher Price Bouncer

    Sometimes its the most affordable items that get the most lifespan, and this bouncy chair is certainly the case. By the time I bought this, I was convinced that if she wasn’t sleeping, Everly was unhappy. The minute we laid her in this chair she chirped up and we started getting the first smiles out of her! She loved the vibration, and many countless evenings were spent with a foot bouncing her to keep her settled and calm.




    I know some parents are anti-pacifier, however we happen to LOVE the WubbaNub. It was an absolute lifesaver for us. After trying several types, this is the only one Everly would take for months. It most definitely helped her and us get some sleep. The stuffy attached to it means it doesn’t get lost of lodged behind their head in the crib as easily and seemed to give her comfort.




    Comfort and Harmony Play Mat

    We actually have a couple of play mats, but the Comfort and Harmony Elephant one is definitely our favourite! Everly still loves batting at the toys and for those first few months, it was the ONLY way I got anything done! She loves to ‘talk’ to her toys and it was great for tummy time in the early days as well.




    Baby Brezza Formula Pro

    If you end up formula feeding your baby, I cannot reccomend the Baby Brezza Formula Pro enough. I would have paid double for this, knowing how easy and fret-free it made making up formula. I found formula very daunting in the beginning; Worrying about sterilizing water, measuring scoops and preparing all while baby was hungry was stressful! The Brezza makes up a bottle in 18 seconds! You set it to the brand of formula you use and then choose 2,4,6,8, or 10oz bottle sizes and hit the button. One middle of the night feeding and you’ll be grateful you splurged!



    While every baby is different, and every family has different needs, these five items made our jump into parenting just a wee bit easier! Let me know what was your lifesaver in those earlier months and what I should have on hand for the next 6 months!


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