5 lightweight foundations and tinted moisturizers for summer
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5 Lightweight Foundations Perfect for Summer For Any Skin Type

5 lightweight foundations and tinted moisturizers for summer


Personally, I’m not a big fan of the heat, unless I am sat on vacation not having to go about my regular day.

I’m even less of a fan of wearing full makeup in the hot summer months. Sweat + Full Face = Cringe.

Having said all that, I’m not always willing to go barefaced, which has led my hunt to find 5 lightweight foundations that vary in coverage and feel to have all my summer makeup needs covered!

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5 Lightweight Summer Foundations for any skin type
5 Favourite Summer Foundations

Whether its the need for something super sheer, incredibly hydrating, slightly mattifying or with really good SPF – I’ve got you covered!


When You Need Something Buildable 

MAC Face and Body – Available at MAC | Nordstrom | Selfridges

Finish: Dewy, or satin when set with powder

Coverage: Sheer-Medium

Shade Range: Excellent starting at stark white to deep in multiple undertones.

Sun Protection: None

This water-based foundation been used backstage for absolute ages and is a tried and true makeup artist favourite.

Reason being, it’s completely customizable.

Chances are if you haven’t liked this in the past, it’s because you weren’t applying correctly; Don’t even think about using a sponge, instead apply with a buffing brush or hands, and work into the skin until you feel it thicken up. To build, repeat this last step and you can go from sheer to medium no problem!

It’s water-resistant, so it doesn’t break down quickly in sweaty situations!




When You Need Something For Combo Skin

Chanel Vitalumiere Aqua – Available at Nordstrom | Feel Unique | Selfridges

Finish: Satin

Coverage: Light

Shade Range: Minimal with nothing past tan in depth

Sun Protection: SPF15

Another water-based foundation here, but this one settles to a bit more of a natural matte finish.

I personally don’t feel the need to set this with powder. This is a fab option for those with combination skin and need something that wards off oily skin a bit.

It has minimal sun protection but makes for a great everyday base if you won’t be spending plenty of time outdoors. I love that this foundation almost feels like water going on the skin, and is best applied with hands. The compact plastic bottle makes it perfect for handbag or travel!




When You Need Something Hydrating But Still Has Coverage

NARS Pure Radiant Tinted Moisturizer – Available at Sephora | Nordstrom | Feel Unique

Finish: Satin

Coverage: Medium

Shade Range: Excellent for a tinted moisturizer. Shades range from fair to deep.

Sun Protection: SPF 30

This is so much more than a tinted moisturizer!

It’s got a gorgeous skin-like appearance that leaves the skin hydrated and smooth with the perfect amount of coverage for me. Unlike many tinted moisturizers, it actually stays around all day!



5 lightweight foundations and tinted moisturizers for summer

When You Want Something Sheer With SPF

Laura Mercier Tinted Moisturizer* – Available at Sephora | Nordstrom | Feel Unique

Finish:  Dewy

Coverage: Sheer

Shade Range: Good, but could have a few more shades in the deeper end of the spectrum

Sun Protection: SPF 20

This is a cult classic and there’s a good reason why!

Light like a lotion, the sheer formula that can be slapped on without worrying about lines. The real beauty of this is that it can be reapplied throughout the day as a sunscreen of low SPF should.

Something to take note: In the US this is marketed as a SPF 20, but in Canada there is no mention of it on the packaging. This is due to Canadian sun protection standards. It does still have the UVA/UVB protection, but can’t claim it on the packaging. So while it says SPF 20, in Canada I would consider this more like a SPF 15.



5 lightweight foundations and tinted moisturizers for summer

When You Need Coverage and High Sun Protection

IT Cosmetics Your Skin But Better CC+ Color Correction Full Coverage Cream* – Available at Sephora | Beautylish | Ulta

Finish: Satin

Coverage: Medium

Shade Range: Decent, but runs dark so could use a couple more shades

Sun Protection: SPF 50

Now I understand that this claims full coverage, but I wouldn’t go quite that far.

This has incredible UVA/UVB coverage of SPF 50, which is what makes it such a winner in my mind. I prefer to apply the formula with my hands and press it into the skin for the best coverage.

If you hate layering skincare, plus sunscreen, plus makeup, when the weather gets warmer, this is the perfect product for that!

Something to note: This runs dark, and my NC25 skin is somewhere between Fair and Light realistically.

What’s your favourite summer foundation/base to wear?

5 Lightweight Summer Foundations for any skin type


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