I mentioned how much I love a bit of #throwbackthursday over on Instagram, and so I took a walk down memory lane to the 90’s, or rather my teen years. It was a rough decade in my opinion for beauty and fashion, but hey, I could catch myself saying that again in 10 years. Here’s part two with a bunch more 90’s cringe worthy goodness…

[1] Noxema. Oh Caroline Hirons I can hear you gasping all the way from the UK. Yep, I was a “Noxema Girl” as the commercials aptly suggested. I swore by this stuff for years, right up to when I was 19 or 20. Believe it or not, I used to love the tingle *whispers “I am so sorry skin!*

[2] Ah yes, the good ole hemp necklace. I went through a huge grunge/hippy phase in the 90s as did many, and making hemp necklaces was a common pastime. Hey, who doesn’t love a necklace that itches the crap out of your neck until you’ve showered in it 10-15 times…

[3] Oh God help us, the fashion trend that never should have left the basketball court – Tearaway pants. I had a pair of white Nike ones, which I wore shorts under due to fear of being pantsed at school by immature teenaged boys. That fear was legit folks, and this trend is one I still cringe about.

[4] hard Candy Nail Polishes were the sh!t when I was a young teen. You had to ask for them for birthdays and Christmas because they were actually very pricey back in the day. Of course candy colours like baby blue, baby pink, baby anything were all the rage.

[5] Oh boy…. do I want to admit to this one? Heeled canvas shoes. They were a thing when I was about 13 and yes I owned a pair exactly like the pic, with perhaps a bit more heel. Worn with knee high socks, skater skirt and baby tee… forgive me.

[6] Hacky Sack was a massive pastime in the 90’s. I never really got the hang of it, but I surely did try. It would be completely normal to see a swarm of 15 kids “hacking” in the park or school parking lot.

[7] Candy Necklaces were a tell tale sign of rave culture when it started to become mainstream in the 90’s. Trends for the 90s Grunge, Hippy, Raver – I told you it was a  rough decade. I can still hear DaRude Sandstorm playing at a party I drank way too much at when I was 16…

[8] And finally a trend that I actually still love, but possibly not quite to the extreme is flared jeans. You know the ones, that drag along the backs of your shoes soaking up the rainy Vancouver weather and getting all ratty. Yep the bigger the flare the better for a while there.

We’re you a teen in the 90’s? Let me know if you remember any of these trends and which ones you participated in! I am thinking about compiling a sort of “walk through my favourite 90’s songs” playlist too, let me know if you would like that in the comments below!

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