Sand and Sky Australian Pink Clay Mask Review

The Magic of Australian Clay: Sand and Sky Mask Review

Sand and Sky Australian Pink Clay Mask Review

I generally don’t love to spend a ton of time applying and waiting for face masks to do their job. I’m a real instant gratification kind of girl, which is why I was so intrigued when I was contacted to try the Sand and Sky Brilliant Skin Purifying Pink Clay Mask. You see this Australian Pink Clay mask takes only 10 minutes to do its job – which means you can find time on even the busiest weekdays! I could definitely be on board for this!

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What is Australian Pink Clay?

This little pot of magic is made with a purifying clay that draws out impurities and toxins, refines pores and is still gentle enough for sensitive skin! It helps combat pollution damage, loss of radiance and the signs of premature ageing.

Sand and Sky Australian Pink Clay Mask Review

When I received the Brilliant Skin Detoxify + Brighten Purifying Pink Clay Mask, I immediately loved that it came in a gorgeous blue glass jar with a handy little applicator brush. It applied the perfect thin layer of product and got in around the nose, and along the hair line etc without added mess. This all really lends to the appeal of a super quick pick-me-up that gives you no excuses not to use it!  

Sand and Sky Australian Pink Clay Mask Review

So the other night when I was feeling particularly textured and lack lustre in the skin department, I busted this bad boy out. I noticed the minute I started to put it on it got to work, drying around the edge – it really does work fast! It felt rich and creamy upon application and there wasn’t any tightening or burning feeling that some masks can have.

Ten minutes later, I used a warm wash cloth to remove and then marvelled at how smooth my face felt. We’re talking baby butt, can’t stop petting my face, soft! Not only that, my skin tone looked much more even; I had been dealing with some redness and tiny hormonal spots on my chin that were mere memories! 

Sand and Sky Australian Pink Clay Mask Review

I’ve since tried this mask pre-makeup in the morning and the results were just as amazing! my foundation and makeup smoothed on so much easier and didn’t gather along spots I normally have dry or textured skin (like in between the eyebrows!). After all, what’s 10 minutes when it equates to instantly better complexion? Consider it part of my arsenal from now on!

You can find Sand & Sky Brilliant Skin Detoxify + Brighten Purifying Clay mask here with FREE worldwide delivery!


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