Loreal Infallible Paints for Lips Review and Swatches

The Drugstore Lipstick With A Luxury Feel

Loreal Infallible Paints for Lips Review and Swatches

Hallelujah! In a world run by matte liquid lipstick, L’Oreal has seen the light.

Instead of creating yet another concrete-esque matte lip, the brand has just launched a liquid lipstick that boasts super pigment, easy to wear luminous finish.

The Infallible Paints for Lips come in 13 shades and I test drove 12 of them with some definite winners and losers!
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Loreal Infallible Paints for Lips Review and Swatches


Unlike most of the liquid lipsticks launching these days, these claim to be long wearing minus a matte or flat finish. L’Oreal states a hi-gloss finish, super saturated colour, never sticky and doesn’t bleed or feather.

There were a few shades out of the line that didn’t perform as I expected (see below for shade breakdown) but most of them exactly as promised, and well past my expectations. Having said that, if I didn’t know any better, I would have thought I was wearing a very expensive lipstick!

I had no sticky gloss feel and even the darkest shades didn’t seem to migrate all around my lip line giving them a luscious, comfortable feel on the lips.

The only tell-tale sign of the drugstore beside the colourful packaging was the classic L’Oreal lipstick scent. Normally I absolutely loathe this fragrance, but I found it much fainter with these and it didn’t linger (because seriously, that would have been an instant thumb down from me!).





Loreal Infallible Paints for Lips Review and Swatches


Coming in 13 shades,  I have 12 of them minus the navy blue. Naturally, I instantly gravitated towards the neutrals, but there are also some deep plums, purples and reds.

Overall I would say it’s a very balanced colour range, though red lip lovers that like a blue based red will be without.




  • 300 Lilac Lust – Super pigmented, completely smooth, full coverage application which in turn needed no layering.
  • 302 Violet Twist – This needed building, but I found it still applied patchy in some places.
  • 304 Bewitching Bordeaux – Likewise this one didn’t build well, and lacked some of the glossy finish the others did.
  • 310 Taupeless – Another hit in terms of full coverage. This applied smooth and luminous with no layering needed. ♥
  • 312 Nude Star – A gorgeous warm nude that applied with full coverage, smooth and luminous with no layering needed. ♥
  • 314 Spicy Blush – Another gorgeous nude that applied with full smooth coverage therefore no layering needed. This is the shade I am wearing above. ♥
  • 316 Wild Rose – My notes simply say “gross’ on this one sadly. It gathered in lines, wouldn’t build up on itself, lacked luminosity and applied patchy.
  • 318 Fearless Fuchsia – Applied slightly less coverage on first layer but does build up and even out when applied on top of itself.
  • 320 Cool Coral – Another “gross” shade which saddens me (you guys know I love a peachy coral!). Like Wild Rose, this wouldn’t layer, applied patchy and dry looking and clung to ever.single.line.
  • 322 Orange Envy – Another shade that is a bit sheer on first application but layers beautifully.
  • 324 DIY Red – Full coverage tomato red that applies smooth and luminous in the first layer.
  • 326 Sultry Sangria – Slightly sheer but evens out well with a second layer for full coverage.

♥ = My favourites.


Loreal Infallible Paints for Lips Review and Swatches

I loved that these come with a squeeze tube so that you get every last drop, but not a squeeze applicator. Instead, you get a doe foot-like wand that has a grooved notch in the top that holds on to the product and gives you enough to cover both top and bottom lip in one dip.

The top edge of the wand comes to flat tip that makes it really easy to get around lip lines. I really struggle with getting traditional liquid lipsticks on evenly, and these are so easy to be accurate with.

The formula is also thicker, more gel-like than matte liquid lipsticks, so it really grips to the lips and gives this cushion-like effect that anyone with dry or dehydrated lips will love!

Loreal Infallible Paints for Lips Review and Swatches


If you love nudes, reds or purples you’re going to be thrilled with the L’Oreal Infallible Paints for Lips.

Furthermore, I’d especially recommend them If you’ve been looking for an alternative to the matte lip craze that every brand seems to have jumped on. While they won’t be as long-lasting as a matte liquid lip, these wear really well, fading away gracefully after a couple of hours. No flaky, wrinkly, cracked lips here.




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  1. 314 & 316 look really amazing on your swatches & I need to investigate them a little bit better because they are just hitting our drugstores in Croatia but with diffferent numbers

  2. These all look gorgeous! I don’t love a matte look for daily wear generally, but it’s so hard to find a super affordable long-wear look that isn’t matte, so this is awesome. Thanks for the review 🙂

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