Laura Mercier Goes Neutral Glam: Eye Art Caviar Palette Review and Swatches

Laura Mercier Caviar Palette Review and Swatches

I am a huge fan of Laura Mercier’s eyeshadow formula; The mattes are buttery smooth and the shimmers are pigmented. Since falling in love with the Artist Palette, I’ve wanted every palette released! When I saw the brand had launched the Eye-Art Caviar Palette*, which is inspired by the shades from their much loved Caviar Sticks, I knew I needed to try it!

Find the Laura Mercier Eye-Art Caviar Colour Inspired Palette at:  Sephora •  John Lewis

Laura Mercier Caviar Palette Review and Swatches

The Laura Mercier Eye-Art Caviar Palette is 12 shades of shadow inspired by the Caviar Stick shades by the brand. I’ve loved these for ages, and was so excited to see some of my favourite shades in powder shadow form! With 6 of the shades in a matte formula, and 6 described as ‘crushed-pearl shimmer’ this palette is so well balanced; I love the mix of light and dark.

Top Row Shades:

  • Rosegold – warm golden pink
  • Tuxedo – rich matte black
  • Ginger – matte light Tan {doesn’t come as a Caviar Stick}
  • Morning Dew – pale matte blush {doesn’t come as a Caviar Stick}
  • Copper- sparkling copper
  • Ganache – matte chocolate brown

Bottom Row Shades:

  • Buttercream – matte yellow based ivory {doesn’t come as a Caviar Stick}
  • Khaki – shimmering dirty olive
  • Sandglow – shimmering pale yellow gold
  • Steel – matte blue based charcoal
  • Amethyst – shimmering rose bronze
  • Burnished Bronze – sparkling rose gold
Laura Mercier Caviar Palette Review and Swatches
Laura Mercier Eye-Art Caviar Palette Top Row: RoseGold, Tuxedo, Ginger, Morning Dew, Copper, Ganache
Laura Mercier Caviar Palette Review and Swatches
Laura Mercier Eye-Art Caviar Palette Bottom Row: Buttercream, Khaki, Sandglow, Steel, Amethyst, Burnished Bronze

I am so impressed with the shade choices in this palette; nothing seems out of place or redundant! Tuxedo has to be one of the blackest matte black shadows I’ve tried, applying almost creamy as if it was its older sister Caviar Stick version. The shade Amethyst, which is one of the brands best sellers, looks stunning all over the lid on its own as a one-shadow look, but can be amplified with a little Ganache in the crease and Rosegold on the inner lid.

The matte shadows all applied beautifully pigmented and without any patchiness or skipping. I love Laura’s matte shadows because they stick where you put them, and don’t blend away like so many other brands. I love the addition of Buttercream, which makes the perfect brow bone highlight!

The shimmery/sparkly shades range from a foiled like finish (Rosegold, Amethyst) to almost a sparkling finish (Copper, Burnished Bronze). I find the sparkling shades benefit from being applied to a primer, preferably something slightly tacky like a MAC Paint Pot or one of the Caviar Sticks. I don’t get fall down with these like I normally would with shadows of this texture, but they definitely perform truest to pan with something ‘stick’ to. The swatches above are done with no primer, so you can see they are still pigmented!

Laura Mercier Caviar Palette Review and Swatches

Like all of Laura Mercier palettes, the Eye-Art Caviar Palette comes with a cushioned magnetic lid that opens to a full-width mirror on the inside and 12 1gram shadows. I LOVE that there isn’t a bulky, packaging heavy casing for this – you can hold it in the palm of one hand and the insert inside is plastic so you don’t need to worry about it getting dingy. This palette comes with a bronze snake skin motif, which isn’t my fave purely because I don’t love animal prints, but it is sleek and wipes clean well.

I think this is the case of  being a bit of a sleeper hit. Released during an onslaught of other palettes hitting the stores, I just haven’t seen much love for it online. If you have a drawer full of neutral palettes you might be tempted to skip this, but there are some really gorgeous wearable shades that make this a big hit with me! I loooove that there are the basics in matte (brow bone, transition, crease and liner) and then you have some gorgeous shimmering bronzes to bring the palette to life. It makes the perfect day-to-night palette!

Find the Laura Mercier Eye-Art Caviar Colour Inspired Palette at:  Sephora •  John Lewis


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