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MAC Brant Brothers Collection Review and Swatches
I always love that MAC steps outside the box when it comes to collaborations, and this time round, they’ve continued to stand apart by having the Brant Brothers (sons of model Stephanie Seymour) be the face of their latest launch. The neutral based collection is inspired by modern day unisex grooming, aiming to appeal to all genders with products that simply enhance and define the face. I was sent several pieces of the collection, and I have some definite hits and misses, so keep reading for my thoughts and swatches!

MAC Brant Brothers Collection Review and Swatches
MAC’s Brant Brothers Collection is really about focusing on the areas of the face that we (women or men) want to take focus. The collection has a predominant focus on eyes, with the accompaniment of a sculpting duo and lip stains for that “I just woke up ruggedly good looking” thing. There is a combination of finishes and textures in this collection that take it so much further than “guyliner” and for the most part, I was pleasantly surprised. 
The packaging for this limited edition launch is a flat matte black with gloss accents, which gives it a bit more edge and chicness if you ask me. At the top of my hits list is the Fluidline in Neandarthal, a gorgeous rich chocolate brown that has absolutely superb pigmentation. The texture is what I’ve come to know from MAC’s cream Fluidlines (the sparkly/glitter shades can be hit or miss) and it applies opaque in the first swipe. 
There are also two brushes in the collection, the 208SE and 163SE. Both sport the limited edition matte handles and feel a bit shorter than MAC’s usual brush handle length. I worry when MAC does this sometimes because on occasion it is obvious the quality of the brush is not up to the status quo. These ones both perform beautifully, however, and I think the slightly smaller yet stiff angled brush you get with the 208SE might make the perfect tool for those new/uncoordinated when it comes to winged eyeliner. The 163SE is very much in line with the contouring rage currently still booming. It’s rather dense (yet very soft in feel) and definitely provides a sharp contour line. I can see myself using it more for jawline contouring, nose contouring or for cleaning up under the cheekbones (if my regular contour brush gets a bit too fluffed out during application). 
MAC Brant Brothers Collection Review and Swatches
MAC Brant Brothers Collection Review and Swatches

There are also three MAC Eye Kohls in the Brant Brothers Collection: El Dorado – a brassy gold, Paragon – a champagne gold, and Smolder – a black which is part of the regular line. I feel like the two limited edition shades (El Dorado and Paragon) are both wonderful additions to the range, and would like to see them made permanent! Both make for unique looks on the waterline, or can be smudged out on the lid. Smolder is a shade that has been around for ages and is marketed as an “intense black” but I’ve never been a fan of it. I find it fades incredibly fast on me, turning into a blued out grey quickly. I expect much more black pigment in a pencil described as “intense” personally. However, if you’re not looking for that, or want a grungy lived in look then this is definitely a great smudgeable kohl!
Similarly, the 4 Pillars Shadow Quad also has a questionable shade in it by way of Carbon – MAC’s answer to black eyeshadow. I will personally never understand why MAC doesn’t reformulate this to be the sooty black it is hyped up to be. I’ve owned it many times over the years and always find it patchy and hard to blend. A much better option would have been Typographic (one of the best deep dark almost blacks out there in terms of texture, pigment and wear time). The other three shades in this quad are decent neutrals though, with Mothers Milk – a soft pearly beige, Sandstone – a muted camel, Mystery (also part of the permanent range) – a plum-tinged brown. 
MAC Brant Brothers Collection Review and Swatches
The Brant Brothers Collection by MAC also comes with a Sculpting Creme Duo, which I definitely have on my list to try! Does this type of collection interest you? I love that the brand created something that was 100% geared towards men and women! What is your favourite from the launch?

Available limited edition at select MAC Cosmetics Locations.

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