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500th Post: 10 Products I’d Cry About If They Were To Be Discontinued

10 Products I Would Cry ABout If They Got Discontinued
If you’d asked me 3 years and 500 blog posts ago if I would still be writing Girl Loves Gloss, I probably would have had a doubtful answer. Over the years this turned in a sleepy little blog to something that people actually read occasionally! Whether you started reading 500, 395, or even 3 posts ago, thank you so much for you support. I get a bit emotional thinking about it, so here are 10 products that I might actually cry if they were discontinued. 

10 Products I Would Cry ABout If They Got Discontinued

Possibly and probably my favourite lip product of all time. They perfect peachy pink gloss that feels more like a balm and partially inspired the name Girl Loves Gloss for this blog!
Without a doubt, my must have bronzer that actually lasts all day and doesn’t lean orange in undertone. This is the perfect ‘sculpting’ bronzer for me.
I was gutted when I found out Illamasqua was no longer going to be available in North America, but this is totally worth ordering from the UK. When I want full coverage, no SPF, flawless looking complexion that feels like my own skin, this can’t be beat!
This is the newest edition to holy grail products but surely earned its place due to the fact that it gives a gorgeous glow without sparkle, never looks crepey or patchy and keeps my makeup looking fresh all day. 
The most bullet proof cream eyeshadow you’ll ever try! I only wish they came in more colours, but the champagne beige of #13 and the rose gold hued #16 are absolute must haves for me for days when I just can’t be bothered and need my makeup to last.
10 Products I Would Cry ABout If They Got Discontinued
Applied at night, this lasts all 8 hours of shut eye right through till the morning. It never gets gunky or gummy, and leaves my lips peel/chapped/dehydration free!
This is my all time favourite blush formula; It buffs onto the skin seamlessly, and lasts a full damn day, unlike almost every other blush on me. 
The minute I found this for my undereye area it was like my whole face looked awake again. I sweep this on with a finger and then press into the skin with a dense brush (that’s the trick!) and it makes an incredible eyeshadow base as well. 

I’ve been a waterproof mascara girl for well over a decade, which means I’ve tried a painful amount of removers and this is THE BEST. It cuts through the toughest formula in10-15 seconds, so there is no need to stand there, cotton round to your eye, for minutes. Nothing works faster for me, and my lashes have been stronger than ever since adding it into my routine a few years back.
This was like a brow epiphany to me – finally, I was able to get the brows I always felt my face needed, that actually stuck around through the day. Powders, pencils and gels just didn’t cut it in terms of filling in and lasting powder, and now my brows have never looked better (in my opinion!)
10 Products I Would Cry ABout If They Got Discontinued

Thank you for reading this blog, I’ve thoroughly enjoyed taking it into a more professional direction in the last year or two, and can’t wait to see what the next 500 posts hold! Please let me know what product you would cry if it were to be discontinued, in the comments below, and stay tuned for a special 500th post giveaway coming very soon!

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