With #throwbackthursday being such a hit over on Instagram, it had me thinking back to my teenage self. The 90’s also known as the majority of my teenage years were a bit of a rough one for girls yeah? This is a part one of a little series I am doing devoted to my teenage years, because that’s really were my love of makeup all began (and my first introduction to MAC!). Let’s take a look at some of the things I sported on regular basis back in the day, prepare to cringe…

[1] The Accordion Head Band, oh boy this was a bad one for a fine straight haired gall like me, but I insisted on rocking it. In fact I’m sporting it in one of my early high school pictures. Don’t ask to see it, it wasn’t good folks…

[2] and [3] MAC Lipsticks in Lucid and Cherish, also known as the decade of brown lipsticks in my head, the 90s weren’t the most flattering when it came to makeup. Lucid was a nasty orangy brown chestnut colour and Cherish was basically concealer for lips. Flip to #7 to see what I paired with these atrocities.

[4] Another massive hair accessory trend in the 90’s was The Butterfly Clip, which was worn in many many multiples and still to this day makes me cringe. A quick google search will really show how wincingly awful this trend was.

[5] and [8] MAC Eyeshadows in Fade and Pink Freeze. Fade was the first shadow I ever got from MAC circa ’95 and Pink Freeze was the frosty pink shade every single one of my girlfriends had to wear. It seems like a lot of MAC on this list, but MAC was huge in the 90’s when they first became available for the regular public to buy. It was also much more affordable, especially when your awesome grandmother buys it for your birthday!

[6] CoverGirl Clear Mascara was a cult favourite of mine, mostly for my too thin eyebrows, which then gelled them to make them look thinner. Classic 90’s look right there.

[7] MAC Spice Lip Pencil was the only lip pencil I knew existed in the 90’s. I swear they have changed the formula because it was a touch more orange/cinnamon back then. Paired with was too pale lipstick like Cherish for that nasty Pamela Anderson look, naturally.

[9] Wet ‘n Wild Mega Slicks Clear Lipgloss was repurchased many many times over, mainly because it used to take on a distinct funky smell to it. For the whopping $0.99 they used to charge for this, I could afford it on my babysitting coin.

So there you have it, part one of my horrendously entertaining teenage years in the 90’s. Stay tuned for another post devoted to questionable fashion choices, skin and nails. It was fun to think back to those years, and I truly think I knew some of these were bad choices even back then. What are your most memorable trends from your teenage years when it comes to makeup?

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