Mascara Monday | Urban Decay Perversion Mascara

You can probably tell I’ve been on a mascara trying kick lately – I go through phases where I just want to try them all. This weeks Mascara Monday is a look at a fairly new edition to the mascara world from a brand I love; Urban Decay Perversion Mascara. 

Retailing for $26 CND, the Urban Decay Perversion Mascara claims things like, ‘clean, clump free formula with triple black pigments for intensely black lashes’ and knowing and loving the Perversion liner by the brand for its intense black pigment I had high expectations for this.
So, is it any blacker than my other black mascaras? Not that I can tell. 
What it did do was make my lashes look nice and long, and help the curl surprisingly well. The brush is on the larger side and quite soft and fluffy, and the formula is kind of a mousse like texture which did start to stick my lashes together by the third coat. I also found that the formula felt heavy on my lashes, which is something you might not notice if you have thick full lashes, but mine are fine and sparse. I would expect more volume in the finish result to play off this feeling, but I actually didn’t find this did much for volume. 
So if you have thicker lashes, and want some length I would give it a go, especially if you curl your lashes. I would however warn that this is in no way waterproof or resistant (something I’ve come to expect from Urban Decay’s eye products)  – the minute there was any moisture near my lashes this started to run. So possibly not the best choice for those of us with watery eyes. 
So to summarize I would say this mascara is best suited for those who:
-have short but thick lashes
-want something super easy to remove but not necessarily long wearing
-who like to wear one or two coats of mascara
-who like larger brushes and prefer a thicker mousse like texture to their mascara 
Have you tried this mascara? What about the primer that is sold along side it? Thoughts? 
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