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covergirl super sizer mascara review before and after

We’re back with another #MascaraMonday around these parts- you know I just can’t stop trying new ones! When I saw the new CoverGirl Super Sizer Mascara in my local drugstore I knew I needed to try it because of the funky brush alone. I’ve always had pretty decent luck with CoverGirl mascaras in general, so I snatched up the waterproof version and gave it a go. Here are my thoughts:

covergirl super sizer mascara review before and after
covergirl super sizer mascara review before and after
covergirl super sizer mascara review before and after
From L-R, No mascara, one coat, two coats, and the left eye which seemed to respond WAY better to the brush.

The Brush

The applicator is really the unique factor with this mascara, it’s quite different than anything I can think of on the drugstore market. You can see in the pictures that it is one of the rubber/plastic type brushes, but the bristles run in a backwards conical shape (so the smaller bristles are closest to the wand, while the longer are nearest to the tip). The bristles are also kind of staggered in rows that supposedly provide corner to corner volume and allow you to ‘twirl’ the wand to fan out the lashes even more. The brush applicator itself is quite flexible where it attaches to the wand, giving it a lot of ‘move’ when applying.

The Formula

The texture of this mascara is quite wet, which I struggled with a bit. I found that it clumped my lashes together a bit, and the brush struggled to separate them. I think a brush like this would have benefited from a slightly drier formula to actually build any volume. It did give length and keep my curl, but I would scoff a bit on the “400% more corner to corner volume” claim that comes on the packaging. Also, if you aren’t the type that likes stiffer, spikier lashes, then this probably won’t be for you. Definitely not for the soft fluttery fans, and this is a formula you want to work one eye on a time with and build whilst the product hasn’t set yet.

The Wear Time

I wore this all day on a very warm day, with no smudging or flaking. It held the curl perfectly, which I expected given how stiff the formula dried. Removal was a bit tougher than your average waterproof mascara, it seemed to bit quite stubborn against my oil based remover.

My Thoughts

Would I buy this again? Probably not. 

I love the idea of the wand, but in theory it made it hard to get both eyes looking the same. My right eye with my dominant hand (think longer bristles towards my nose) didn’t benefit from the same full fanned out effect that my left eye did (with the longer bristles towards my outer corner). I found myself doing some hand gymnastics to reach my inner corners and outer corners without making a total mess of myself (it was unsuccessful

I prefer a formula that builds more volume, and doesn’t glue all my lashes together. I think the brush would have worked much better if it wasn’t so wet. 

Also, you might remember from my L’Oreal Miss Manga post, I really hate it when mascara wands have these super bendy flexy wands. Thankfully this one is no where near as bad as the Miss Manga, but it still made it hard to use (I just don’t have thick enough lashes to have enough resistance against the wand, if that makes any sense). I really thick wands like this are much better suited to someone who has shorter, yet thicker lashes than mine. 

Have you tried this mascara? What are your thoughts on the brush and formula?

You can purchase CG Super Sizer Mascara in Non Waterproof and Waterproof Formulas.

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