Danessa Myricks BEauty review and swatches vision flush colorfix and dew wet balm

Danessa Myricks Beauty Review

It takes a lot… and I mean a lot to get me excited about a new beauty brand these days.

When I heard that indie beauty brand Danessa Myricks was coming to Sephora, I immediately logged on, clicked ‘add to cart’ and then impatiently waited for my order to arrive.

Danessa Myricks Beauty Colorfix, Vision Flush and Dew Wet Balm Review and swatches

Danessa Myricks Beauty Review

Available at Sephora | Beautylish | Danessa Myricks

Danessa Myricks Beauty has been the talk of Instagram for around a year now, but it hadn’t been easily accessible to Canadians. Not only is coming to Sephora a massive deal for the brand, but it is available at Sephora Canada as well – something us Canadians often wait ages for!

Danessa Myricks Beauty available at Sephora

If you haven’t heard of Danessa Myricks, she’s an insanely talented makeup artist and innovative businesswoman. Not only has Danessa had her artistry displayed on the pages of Vogue, Paper and Allure Magazines, she’s also a photographer!

“Beauty can feel like an exclusive world. Danessa Myricks Beauty was founded on the principle that race, gender, age and personal style should not limit anyone from experimenting with makeup and discovering their signature look.” – Danessa Myricks

While there is only a handful of the SKU’s available currently, I was able to get my hands on some of the brand’s best-selling products: the Dew Wet Balm, Vision Flush and Colorfix.

Danessa formulates each product to be multiuse, and truly enjoyed by consumer or artist.

Danessa Myricks Colorfix

Available in multiple finishes (matte, metallic, foil and gloss) and a gamut of shades from neutral to bright, the Colorfix likely will a huge hit amongst anyone with an affinity for cream eyeshadow.

I picked up the shade Creme Brulee, a matte rosy neutral. I had hoped it would be a bit more cool-leaning that it did in real life, but such is the way of looking for swatches online on a relatively new brand! I noticed it did dry down darker than it looked in the tube, as well.

The swatch on my arm left some staining that stayed around for days, though I didn’t notice it on my lids and the longevity was decent, with some fading but no creasing.

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Danessa Myricks Vision Flush

Described as a long-lasting, multi-use pigment for eyes lips and cheeks, Vision Flush really appealed to that “monochromatic cool girl” look I’m always after.

I chose the shade Ballet Slippers as it was described as a “classic blush” but on me it leans very warm, terracotta, which isn’t a shade I normally find flattering on myself.

Having said that, its the performance that matters, and unfortunately this one fell short, disappearing on my cheeks within 2 hours. In fact, even my husband noticed (and when I tell you what a big deal that is…!)

The formula is quite liquid, and blends out easily on bare skin, but went patchy on foundation or tinted moisturizer. If you’re a no-makeup, makeup lover, you might love this, but for me it is too hard to work with for too little payoff.

It also should be noted that the formula is strongly fragranced of rose. I love a rose scent, but I don’t want it on my eyes, or lips.

“Self-Taught. Makeup Artist. Photographer. Entrepreneur. Founder. Mother. Black woman.” – Danessa Myricks

Danessa Myricks Dew Wet Balm

Easily the product I was most intrigued by, the Dew Wet Balm is a glow-anywhere balm face gloss that comes in a handful of shades, including absolutely clear. I grabbed Morning Dew, a clear with suspended gold shimmer.

This truly performs as what it promises: a dewy balm that you can pat glow onto your face wherever with no frosty pigment or texture highlighting sparkle.

I’ve layered it over foundation without issue (patting with a finger is best) and didn’t eat away my bronzer. I also love to pop Dew Wet Balm on top of powder highlighters that look a little dry or chalky (dry skinned girl issues!) and it makes them look incredible! This is definitely the highlight of the items I tried in terms of uniqueness.

Danessa Myricks Colorfix, Vision Flush & Dew Wet Balm Swatches

Overall, I am very excited to see more from Danessa Myricks, especially the new Balm Contours she’s recently launched that come in impressively inclusive 8 shades. I hope Sephora expands its catalogue, but Beautylish has a wonderful selection!

Danessa Myricks Colorfix swatch
Danessa Myricks Vision Flush swatch
Danessa Myricks Dew Wet Balm swatch
Danessa Myricks Beauty Review

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