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Pregnancy Update | 36 Weeks

36 Weeks Pregnant recap

Crikey, I can hardly believe that today I am 36 weeks pregnant. Somedays, I can hardly believe I’ve made it this far. This week has marked my first glimpse into having a touch of anxiety in terms of labour and delivery. I mean, I know she has to come out one way or another, but that whole just waiting until I go into labour thing is kinda for the birds!

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36 Weeks Pregnant recap

So since I last did an update I was treated to a lovely baby shower. I was really tentative about having one at all (I absolutely hate having attention on me). It certainly wasn’t without a few stresses (ie the politics of who you want to invite vs who you have to invite to keep the peace). In the end, it was was a fab day full of some hilarious games (no eating baby food or guessing the chocolate bar in the diaper, thankyouverymuch), and Baby B was so incredibly spoiled. Favourites included this JellyCat Bunny, Timi & Leslie Diaper Bag, Aden + Anais Swaddles* and several stunning handmade blankets which I will cherish forever.

Some Of My Favourites:

In other pregnancy news, I’ve started to really feel the waddle lately. Little miss seems to have less and less room in there. This means aches and pains, spots of light-headedness and the occasional heart palpitation. All normal, I’ve been told but has me grateful I am no longer stuck standing for 8+ hours a day at work.

I still don’t think I have any insatiable cravings, or more so than my regular life cravings. I have had some food aversions, however. I’ve had no interest in meat in general and unfortunately, yogurt tastes disgusting to me, so that’s a bummer! The only thing I honestly think I am looking forward to is being able to eat cheese without checking to see if its pasteurized – mainly because it’s been more of a pain in the you-know-what than anything.

36 Weeks Pregnant recap

I have thoroughly enjoyed setting up the nursery. It’s especially exciting to dig out items that were in my own bedroom growing up. I’m grateful my parents safely tucked away such special items like the white and pink butterfly hanging from the ceiling – it was in my room until I moved out of it as an adult. A baby blanket my grandmother crocheted that I was brought home from the hospital in, will be what Baby B is also brought home in. On a shelf sits dried roses from my Grandfather’s garden that he picked for me for my sweet sixteenth birthday. There are memories of family everywhere in this room and I smile each time I walk into it. 

So, 36 weeks in and I can hardly believe it. Sometimes I have to take a minute to believe I’ve finally gotten my chance to do this amazing thing. I still find some of the comments other mothers make odd to me. Things like, “You know you’re never going to sleep again, right?” and “Kiss your bikini body goodbye!” (joke’s on them, I never had a bikini body to begin with!). I’m not sure if its just human nature to feel the need to spread negativity or if they feel they’ve earned the right. A simple “congrats” seems more appropriate 😉


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  1. Congrats on week 36! Your nursery looks amazing. Ugh I know what you mean about the comments. Just how are you supposed to reply to those?

    1. Lord knows – I usually shut people up by saying something like, “Well, I guess I just feel lucky to have the chance to be a mum”. People are so insensitive to what people could be going through in their lives. Sadly, it always seems to come from women too!

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