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Overnight Skincare: Charlotte Tilbury, Sunday Riley Luna, Sarah Chapman, May Lindstrom, Oskia, Origins,


It all started a few years back with the Origins Drink Up-Intensive Overnight Mask, a mango-scented balmy mask that you slather on and then hit the sheets only to wake up to hydrated radiant skin. Before that, I slathered whatever moisturizer I put on for day use on at night, which while great for hydration, wasn’t doing anything else for my skin. Since then I’ve had a full love affair with products that work the graveyard shift, and today’s post has six of them.

Overnight Skincare: Charlotte Tilbury, Sunday Riley Luna, Sarah Chapman, May Lindstrom, Oskia, Origins,
Overnight Skincare: Charlotte Tilbury, Sunday Riley Luna, Sarah Chapman, May Lindstrom, Oskia, Origins,


Origins Drink Up-Intensive Overnight Mask  – does exactly what it says on the package; It hydrates overnight leaving skin plump, glowing and super smooth. This is what I reach for when things are looking a little weathered, perhaps there’s been a change in the weather, or I’ve been a little dehydrated. It smells delish, and a pea sized amount massaged in before bed does the trick making this easily the most affordable of the six products I’m talking about today.


Sarah Chapman Skinesis Overnight Facial* – is what the brand refers to as a ‘facial in a bottle’. It’s packed full of antioxidants, omega oils, vitamins, Renovage, peptides and flower extracts to brighten, soothe and even the skin’s tone and texture. This is one of those products that I cringe at the price vs amount of product, but a little drop truly does cover your whole face and when you wake up in the morning, the results are there clear as day.


May Lindstrom The Blue Cocoon* – is what I like to call my ‘blue miracle balm’. Packed full of Blue Tansy, an anti-inflammatory and natural antihistamine, this stuff just fixes skin in time of crisis. Irritated sensitised skin? Blue Cocoon. Rough sandpaper skin? Blue Cocoon. Hormonal breakout hell? Blue Cocoon (yes, I see you side-eyeing me but this stuff is worth it’s weight in gold when it comes to miserable skin!) 


Sunday Riley Luna Sleeping Night Oil – is a retinoid oil that helps fight wrinkles, calm the skin, diminish pore size, tighten and improve the appearance of skin damage. A few drops of this at night helps me wake up with smoother skin that has a much more even canvas and is balanced. I can totally see the hype around this product, and as someone who is starting to notice more crease lines in my forehead but has dry sensitive skin, this ticks off all the boxes.


Charlotte Tilbury Magic Night Rescue Cream* – is literally the texture of petroleum jelly (thank goodness there isn’t actually petroleum in it) and I promise your pillow might stick to your face once or twice through the night, but you’ll wake up with the most hydrated skin of life. It has a time-released retinol in it which of course slows down the signs of aging, as well as something called BioNymph Peptide which is supposed to help with free radical damage, boost elasticity and promote collagen production. A little goes a long way here, and I can see this pot taking ages to use up!


Oskia Bedtime Beauty Boost* – is such a luxurious, enjoyable night cream. This stuff is so incredibly soothing and comforting to put on at the end of the day. Created with vitamins A, B1, B2, B3, B5, B6, C, D, E and F, as well as milk peptides, swiss apple stem cells, hyaluronic acid, MSM and omegas 3,6 and 9 (seriously, what isn’t in this stuff!?) it lightens hyperpigmentation, stimulates collagen, plumps and regenerates skin cells. The name ‘Bedtime Beauty Boost’ surely doesn’t speak enough for what this powerhouse does!


There you have SIX incredible, innovative skincare superstars that work all night long while you don’t have to. What is your favourite nighttime product?






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