The Problem Solver Series | Perking Up Dull, Lifeless Looking Skin

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As someone with dry and dehydrated skin, I know the woes of a dull complexion all too well. Sometimes though we lose our glow for other reasons (hormones, illness, age and nutrition) and just need a pick me up in the radiance department. Here are my tried and trues for when that glow from within just ain’t happening.

The Travel Friendly Miracle Worker
When it comes to giving my skin a serious kick in the pants, I go for the Dr Dennis Gross Extra Strength Alpha Beta Peel. They come conveniently packaged as a two step process in single uses making them perfect for travel. These are little anti aging God sends; They reduce fine lines, pores and dark spots, as well as improve radiance and clarity. What don’t they do, seriously?
When to use: After cleansing in lieu of toning before serum. I use once a week.
How much to use: No brainer with the individually packaged treatments!
How to apply: As per instructions, swipe step one all over, wait two minutes, then follow with step two. Carry on with usual skincare (avoiding products with alcohol) 
The Overnight Treatment
If you’ve been here awhile you’ll know my love of the Origins Drink Up Intensive Overnight Mask. If my skin has been looking particularly crap, or I’m noticing my makeup looking heavy and dry I always reach for this. Besides the fact that it smells like mangos – yum – it does all the hard work while you sleep and you wake up to seriously plump radiant looking skin. Definitely one for those who suffer from a lack of elasticity and dehydration lines.
When to use: As a last step in your nighttime skincare routine. I aim for at least once a week.
How much to use: Depending on your skin, a pea sized amount and upwards.
How to apply: Gently massaged in focusing on areas of dehydration or fine lines. 
The Daily Nourisher
I know the idea of oil on your face might make some squeamish, but once you go facial oil you don’t go back! Oily skinned folks need not worry either, oil is one of the best things you can do for your skin (when your skin has a balanced pH and is nourished with enough oil, it doesn’t feel the need to over produce its on oil).  I particularly love the Ole Henriksen Pure Truth Youth Activating Oil which is 100% pure rose hips seed oil, which is a natural source of Vitamins C and A and essential fatty acids. These wonder ingredients have anti-inflammatory properties and will have your skin glowing instantly. 
When to use: After serum before moisturizer. I prefer at night personally, but have been known to slap it on the morning when things are particularly dire. 
How much to use: One pump.
How to apply: spread between palms, then press into skin.
The Bottled Sun
I’m a big believer in rocking my pale skin, but every now and then I just want something to take the edge off a bit, you know? Summer is here and my day-glo paleness is a bit reflective. This is when I reach for my Clarins Liquid Bronze Self Tanner. Specifically made for the face, and can be applied after your daily moisturizer and under makeup, this milk like consistency is gradual enough that it gives a subtle glow on its own, or can be used in between faux tanning sessions to keep the colour fresh. It smells nice (no nasty tan smell) and developes slowly which means I’ve never had a streak or orange stained pores.   
When to use: Morning or night. I prefer to swipe it on after my skin routine in the morning and then wear it under my makeup during the day.
How much to use: A quarter sized amount does my face, neck and decollete.
How to apply: The instructions say to apply with a cotton pad, but I say forget the waste and rub it in with your hands. Just wash with soap and water after. 
The Glow Enhancer
Sometimes after all the skincare, and plenty of fish oils in your diet, drinking lots of water, yada yada, things still look a bit ho-hum. This is when I bust out the Clarins Instant Light Illuminating Base. Its a pearly cream that you can apply to face on its own, before your foundation, mix with your foundation or pat on top of your makeup for added glow. Its that versatile. It also comes in multiple shades meaning it’s friendly to all skin tones and never looks ashy or pasty. Think glow, not sparkle here folks. This is a sophisticated radiance product that doesn’t look like the 90’s glitter cheekbones of my teen years. Thank goodness. 
When to use: However you like, but I prefer mixing it with my base.
How much to use: Anywhere from half a pump to a pump depending on how full coverage my base is.
How to apply: Massaged in before base or on its own, mixed in with base, patted on cheekbones.
There you have edit #2 in my Problem Solvers Series. Getting that youthful radiance is something I’ve struggled with as I’ve gotten older and my skin has gotten more dry and dehydrated. I really find these are all products that I have noticeable results with, and hopefully you do too.
Please let us know what your favourite glow getting products are in the comments below!


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