New Kid On the Block | Saying ‘Puff Off’ to Tired Puffy Eyes With Benefit Puff Off

Benefit Puff Off Instant Eye Gel

Knowing full well the skeptic I am by now, it was no surprise I was dubious on the newest edition to the ever creative and fun packaged brand Benefit. I’m not one for gadgets and this screamed ‘all fun, no function’ to me… and then I tried it. I love a good underdog and Benefit Puff Off truly went from no expectations to full stop impressed in just a few uses.

Benefit Puff Off Instant Eye Gel

I decided to give this a try after looking for something that was marketed purely for puffiness. I have an eye cream I love at night for nourishment (hello Kiehls Creamy Eye Treatment with Avocado) but sometimes in the mornings things are looking a little worse for wear and I need the extra luggage around my eyes to take a vacation. Know what I mean?
I had heard about the Benefit Puff Off Instant Eye Gel on a few blogs but as a relatively new release there wasn’t much feedback going on yet. The ‘custom iron tip’ supposedly ‘irons’ and smooths away the look of puffiness and fine lines and cools immediately on contact. It also claims to work alone or over makeup – a claim I was definitely interested in trying out and seeing for myself.
After about two weeks of solid use I can honestly say that I am really impressed with this product. Not only does this eye gel almost immediately reduce puffiness in my tired morning eyes, but leaves the area looking illuminated, minus shimmer, and satin in finish (no greasy shiny under eyes!)
Unlike some roller ball style eye products you don’t have to go over the area several times to get the cooling effect, the funky little iron tip actually feels cool immediately on contact and spreads the product out evenly and quickly. I can’t speak for long time fine line reduction, but it does glide over my faint fine lines and make them to appear smoother. 
Benefit Puff Off before and after pictures
Frighteningly extreme close up of my poor tired puffy morning eyes. On the left is literally right out of bed, on the right is 20 seconds after applying Benefit Puff Off. You can see how the shadows and puffies are smoothed and have a bit of a ‘blur’, and that is less than half a minute after application!
Now here’s the real kicker: trying it over makeup. What better way to test this then to try it out after I’d been wearing my makeup for 12 hours (yep, twelve full hours). Things we’re looking grim under there – creased dried out concealer and tired looking eyes after a long day of work. I did just as I do in the morning and how the packaging suggests, a dot under each eye then glide on with iron tip. My makeup instantly looked fresh, my undereye concealer smoothed itself out and the product sunk it within seconds leaving the area in a satin smooth look and feel. No bunching or gathering of makeup, as well as no makeup residue one the iron applicator. Consider me sold!

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