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When it comes to me skincare these days I am a little bit tentative to try new things. I have my routine pretty down after all. Every once in a while though a brand I know and love will expand their line with something new and I get the urge to test the waters. Because hey, I can review it for the blog… like I needed the excuse!

When I saw a recent video of skincare goddess Caroline Hirons and she mentioned Indeed Labs Hydraluron Moisture Jelly I was instantly excited. After all, I’ve been using the Hydraluron serum since last summer, religiously using it as my morning serum since discovering it on Caroline’s blog
The newest offering from a brand I have come to enjoy comes with a price tag half of what I usually spend on my moisturizer, and a slightly gadgety press and dispense style packaging. I was sold. 

My first thoughts? After using this for a good week I have some solid thoughts:

– Come winter, this wont be quite enough moisture for me on its own (dry and dehydrated skin)
– It sits beautifully under makeup making it great for daytime.
– I can honestly see this being really good for oily, normal and combo skins. It sinks right in… unless you don’t take heed my next suggestion…
– You can definitely apply too much. As the package states you need a pea sized amount. Much more than that will feel slightly tacky on the skin. Take warning, since the packaging dispenses almost three times this amount if you fully pump it.
– This is excellent to wear if you like to apply a little tanner before bed. Since there are no oils in the formula it doesn’t mess with the tanner, but still gives that moisture that you want before slapping on the bronze.
– Also something worth noting, this comes with 30ml of product, where most of my other moisturizers come in 50ml pots.
– I had no breakouts or flaky patches when using this. Usually with my skin I will know within 2 days if something doesn’t jive with my skin.

I bought mine at my local Shoppers Drug Mart on sale for $21.50 CAD, which is a total steal.

Have you tried any of the Indeed Labs products? What are you favourites?

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