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    MONTHLY MUST BUY | L’Oreal Butterfly Mascara

    If you are new to my Monthly Must Buy feature, here’s the 411: Every month I narrow down one product that I really think you is worth your hard earned cash. Sometimes they are a bit pricey, sometimes they are a bargain, but they are all tried and tested by yours truly (and we know I am picky) You can read the previous entries by clicking on the Monthly Must Buy link in the categories menu. 
    May’s Monthly Must Buy Product is…

    I’ll admit, I was SO skeptical about the L’Oreal Lash Out Butterfly Mascara. It is gimmicky and I hate that sort of thing, but I caved and started to like it more and more. The above picture is taken from my very first time using it for a Mascara Monday feature. I was still a little undecided because I felt that it took a slight bit more patience due to the uniquely shaped wand. While I still feel the wand makes it a bit cumbersome, at first, it is totally worth it. The more I wear this mascara, the more I love it. It really does wing out the corner lashes giving that cat eyed effect. I only the use the waterproof formula because I have very watery eyes, so I was worried this might end up a flaky mess like more L’Oreal mascaras are on me, but it isn’t!

    The true test for a mascara for me is whether I repurchase or not. Mascara is one of the things I am most picky about, and I just picked up a second tube this week! If you’ve got $10 to spare this month, give this mascara a try – you may just love it like I do!

    Some tips: This is a fast drying mascara so I suggest doing one eye a time, and apply coats before the previous has had time to fully dry. Just keep comb comb combing until the desired effect. I like to use the outer curve to apply the product then the winged inside of the wand to spread it thus giving that fluttery winged out look.

    What product would you recommend if you could only buy one thing this month?


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