5 Foundations for Dry, Textured or Dehydrated Skin

5 Foundations for Dry, Textured or Dehydrated Skin

5 Foundations for Dry, Textured or Dehydrated Skin

SPOILER ALERT: I’M OVER THE AGE OF 30. I need foundations for dry, textured and dehydrated skin.

I know, in the world of 20-something-year-old influencers, I’m well into my thirties.

And I have real-life skin with a gamut of concerns I didn’t have in my 20s. Like sun damage (my 90’s teen self lived for sunbeds), early signs of ageing, dehydration, skin texture – seriously I had no idea how smooth my skin was in my 20s! 

Turns out, some of these challenges also can make choosing foundation not so easy, so I’ve got my top 5 foundations for dry, dehydrated and/or textured skin. 

The best Foundation for Dry, Dehydrated, Dull and textured skin

Now obviously, skin texture, dryness and dehydration can be issues you can face at any age.

Paired with any concerns that can come with getting older, like fine lines, crepeyness, and creasing, and things can get frustrating. These are all tried and true options I love and know I can rely on!


NARS PURE RADIANT TINTED MOISTURIZER: Would you believe me if I told you that I wore this through my C Section? True story, this was all my skin wanted in the days leading up to labour and delivery, and it’s my pick for something you can slap on with your hands in a flash.

Don’t let the ‘tinted moisturizer’ name fool you; This has more coverage than most tints out there. It acts more like a light coverage foundation but is surprisingly moisturizing given it is oil free! This makes it a great choice for those who struggle with dehydration, even if you aren’t dry. 

WORTH NOTING: the shade range isn’t great, with only 11 options mostly catering to the medium skin tone range. I wear Finland in the winter and Alaska in the Summer. 


CHARLOTTE TILBURY LIGHT WONDER FOUNDATION*: Another product that has the feel of a tinted moisturizer, but with buildable light to medium coverage.

I find Light Wonder a bit more friendly to large pore areas than the NARS, and it has more of a radiant finish, which is fantastic for those of us with dull skin. It’s a formula created with ceramides, which makes it a great choice for dryness and those of us who need the glow. 

WORTH NOTING: The shade range is also dismal, with 12 options and next to nothing for darker complexions. I wear 3 in the winter and 4 in the summer.
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GUERLAIN LINGERIE DE PEAU FLUIDE: If you’re a luxury beauty lover, this foundation is dripping in the feel of luxe goodness.

It has a gorgeous skin-like look to the skin, and really gives that glass skin, youthful radiance that we all love. This is a great option for those struggling with texture and dullness.

Every time I wear this foundation I am reminded why I love it! The coverage is a solid medium; You can sheer it out light, but I don’t find it builds beyond medium. 

WORTH NOTING: The shade range has been expanded recently to offer 14 shades, but still needs work in terms of having more options beyond tan.

It’s also perfumed, which I think smells lovely and I don’t notice it on my skin after applying, but definitely take a sniff ahead of time if you are super scent sensitive. I wear shade 02N in the winter. 
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5 Foundations for Dry, Textured or Dehydrated Skin

MAKE UP FOR EVER ULTRA HD INVISIBLE COVER STICK FOUNDATION: Who doesn’t love the convenience of a stick foundation? Just swipe as little or as much as you like and blend!

Not all stick foundations are great for dry and textured skin in my opinion, often drying down powdery and matte. This one is super creamy and has a dewy finish that you might want to set with a touch of powder if you worry about transfer.

It easily doubles as a concealer, and you can take if from spot concealer and light coverage to completely full depending on how much you apply and how you apply it. 

WORTH NOTING: The shade range is relatively well balanced with 20 shades in a good balance of pale to deep. It might seem small compared to the Ultra HD Liquid Foundations 40-something options, but the Stick was created with makeup artists in mind, mixing and matching and having a compact option for their kit.

I wear shades Y225 in the winter and Y245 in the summer. 


FENTY PRO FILT’R HYDRATING LONGWEAR FOUNDATION*: This was launched in the “foundationgeddon” that happened in the summer of 2019, when it seemed like every brand has a new base to boast about. This was easily my favourite of them all for how incredible it looks on my skin regardless of how much texture I have.

It’s rich feeling, hydrating and yet has full coverage without looking cakey and heavy. 

WORTH NOTING: The shade range is immense at 50 options in multiple undertones. There is a subtle vanilla scent but it dissipates on me (thankfully because I’m not one for wanting my makeup to smell like baked goods).

I wear shades 150 in the winter and 190 in the summer.
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5 Foundations for Dry, Textured or Dehydrated Skin

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