How to combat dry, summer parched hair

The Triple Threat for Dry or Damaged Hair

How to combat dry, summer parched hair


When the heat turns up, the combo of sun, sweat and ocean breeze wreaks havoc on my hair. My fine, straight hair goes limp, frizzy and dry. Sounds awesome right?

Recently I got the chance to try the John Masters Organics Repair* range, and it was just what the hair doctor ordered!


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BRAND DETAILS: “All of our products are formulated with at least 70% or more organic content (excluding water and salt). Organic content includes nature-based ingredients grown or harvested without the use of conventional or synthetic pesticides and fertilizers. Each organic ingredient utilized in our formulas has been certified by an accredited organic certifying organization.”

MY HAIR TYPE: Fine, thin, straight, frizzy, dry at the ends but can get greasy around the hair line second day.

How to combat dry, summer parched hairFirst and foremost, this entire range smells DIVINE. It’s like you’ve stepped into a spa or a well-known salon that starts with an ‘A’ and ends with ‘veda’. It’s heavenly and awakening and really adds to the shower experience. Not to worry if you don’t love scented products (which, by the way, the fragrance comes from the ingredients and not artificial fragrance) – I find it barely detectable once my hair is blow dried. 

I’ve tried to keep my in shower hair care routine sulfate free now for a few years after discovering my scalp didn’t like it. This range of course is, yet the Repair Shampoo lathers gorgeously (often a problem for sulfate free cleanses).

The Repair Conditioner is rich in texture, which I love, but doesn’t weigh my hair down at all. I find it hard to find conditioners that don’t feel like they are full of water, or slimy. I want a creamy feel, that rinses clean, and this delivers perfectly!

Now the Repair Hair Mask is where things really get elevated. My hair is long, and tangles like a hot damn. Sometimes it feels like a hot mess of dried ends and knots. It just needs a little help sometimes, you know? This hair mask is incredible; Whipped lotion-like in texture, it spreads through the hair and coats easily. Once rinsed, you can feel the difference in your hair! Almost like it has a protective armour over it. Unlike many masks, there are no silicones in this that can be problematic for some. 

As an intro to John Masters Organics, I am hugely impressed. The scent alone had me completely in love, but we all know the proof is in the pudding. These deliver the results I was looking for.  My sun, salt and summer parched hair has stayed silky and soft! If you are looking for a new hair brand that focuses on organic, natural, sulfate free and luxury ingredients, definitely give it a try!




Have you tried John Masters Organics? What’s your favourite shampoo/conditioner?

How to combat dry, summer parched hair

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