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My First Facial (and an amazing discount!)

Skoah Park Royal Mall West Vancouver
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Well ladies and gents, at 33 years old I finally had my first facial. I know, what was I waiting for?! In my head, I always figured it was a special treat, something I would do for an occasion or to reward a milestone. When I was contacted by Skoah to come in for a complimentary facial I was excited; When I read that they have a ‘No whale music, no pretentious attitudes’ mantra I knew it would be a great fit for me! Not only was my experience wonderful, they were even kind enough to provide an incredible discount for my fellow Vancouverites! Heck, I’ve already signed up to have another one with my own discount code!

My first Facial with Skoah


Having never had a facial before I really didn’t know what to expect. Turns out Skoah packs theirs full of added extras that really makes the experience a treat. I went for the Facialiscious Facial which included a scalp, leg, foot, arm and hand massage and it was absolutely heavenly. My Skin Care Trainor was incredibly knowledgeable and so sweet. She made sure to address my skin concerns (dryness, dehydration, hormonal spots) and catered the facial to my skin.

My Skin Care Trainor also explained that Skoah uses their own (Peta certified cruelty free!) house brand which is packed full of peptides, plant extracts, minerals and vitamins. She talked me through each step (cause I’m curious like that, but if you want silence and serenity they can do that too!) and explained which ingredients were targeting my needs.  For example, Avena Sativa Kernel is soothing and moisturising, and Bearberry Extract is anti-bacterial and improves skin’s clarity. Skoah has a 60-sku product line-up, but she quickly knew which ingredients in which products would work best for me. Like I said, this girl knew her stuff!


Kream Kleanser • This felt amazing! Super silky and smooth and didn’t leave my skin stripped and tight feeling.

Tonik • Their pH balancing toner which had a mild cucumber scent and felt soothing.

AHA Mask • WOW this stuff really felt like it was working! First, it gets warm and tingles, then it gets cold like you’ve popped a strong breath mint. Totally one of those instant gratification products.

Hydradew Mask • Felt gorgeous on my skin. I could have just left it on all day.

Skin Boost Serum • This serum was super light weight and oil free. I actually prefer a more hydrating serum normally but this would be great for normal/combo skin.

Eye Kandy Kream • Lightly hydrating eye cream that sunk in instantly.

Gold Kream • Formulated for dry skin and felt amazing yet sunk in right away and I walked out without a tell-tale greasy face.

Skoah Park Royal Mall West Vancouver
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I felt so pampered at Skoah. My facial was wonderful, but the added leg, foot, arm and hand massage was just icing on the cake! I went in for the 75 minute Facialicious Facial, which I could see myself doing as a special treat. They also have the Fitskin Facial which is 45 minutes and includes the arm and hand massage which would be perfect for regular maintenance.

I’ve already booked a Fitskin Facial and you should too! Skoah has very generously offered my fellow Vancouverites (sorry, rest of the world!) a Fitskin Facial which is normally $85 for only $35. Yep, that wasn’t a typo guys, $35 only!

All you have to do is sign up for an E-Certificate that will be emailed to you and book yourself in before May 31st 2017. Enjoy!!

 CLICK to get an $85 FitSkin Facial for only $35


*DISCLAIMER* I was offered this service complimentary with no promise of a guaranteed review. I do not make any commission of the discount link, it was plain and simply a super generous thing for Skoah to offer my readers!

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  1. This sounds so luxurious! I’ve never had a facial before but now I want to try! Now to find a nice local salon…

  2. It’s always amazing when people tell me what are doing and what products they’re using – and it doesn’t matter if it’s hairdresser, dentist or masseur 😀 If it was up to me, I would start every week with face and body treatment like this! 🙂 Are you planning to go there regularly? I’m wondering if it makes a fundamental difference in the long term – photos before and after are appreciated! 🙂 (I’m really glad I found your blog – not only because of the spring giveaway, but because I’m interested in cruelty-free cosmetics, minimalists blog or bloggers with lovely photos that can really bright my day!)

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