• My Secret to Crazy Long Eyelashes
  • My Secret to Crazy Long Eyelashes

    How I grew Super Long EyeLashes

    The number one comment I get on Instagram and here on the blog has to do with my eyelashes. YES, they are real. NO, they are not lash extensions or false lashes (if you’ve ever seen me try and apply falsies you’ll understand how hilarious this notion is!). I’ve always had very long lashes (albeit very, very straight), but when I hit 30, they got sparser and thinner. So I took matters into my own hands and ended up with the longest, naturally curly lashes I’d ever had in my life. Keep reading for the before and afters and to see what products helped me grow my own crazy long lashes.


    How to Grow Long Lashes

    Let me just start by saying that this post a long time coming! I had a post like this all raring to go this time last year only to lose the images on a corrupt memory card and have to start the process all over again. Originally I was sent the true MVP product that will be featured in this post, but I actually went and purchased it myself so I could retrial it with photographic evidence all over again. If ever you doubted my dedication to beauty blogging folks…

    How to Grow Long Lashes



    If curly, winged-out lashes are your end goal you’re going to want to pitch the cheap lash curler that crimps rather than bends. For years I didn’t understand why people paid more until I bought a Shu Uemura Lash Curler and it all fell into place; Crimped lashes make them brittle and weak over time. The Shu curler puts a gentle bend in the lashes and reaches all the way around to the corners without pinching.


    Something I’ve also noticed is my lashes look and feel thicker and healthier when I splurge on luxury mascaras. For years I swore by drugstore only (and still like on occasion) but the formulas often left my lashes crispy and crunchy. Call it coincidence, but my eyelashes have been denser and longer since switching to softer, formulas that build up well without drying rigid. In the first image in this post, I’m wearing Marc Jacobs Velvet Noir*, in just a single coat. I know, believe it!


    Your cleanser is not meant to remove your mascara! Get yourself a quality makeup remover that works fast to dissolve the waxes in mascara (especially if it is waterproof) quickly, then go in with a cleanse. I’ve tried every makeup remover on the market it seems, and my all time favourite for the fastest mascara breakdown ever is Vichy Purete Thermale Waterproof Eye Makeup Remover. It’s a dual phase so you shake it up and apply to a cotton (I only use Shiseido Facial Cotton fyi) and within 15 seconds you eye makeup is a thing of the past. Seriously, it’s the best!


    Here’s where my secret comes in guys – Lilash. Seriously this stuff is made of unicorn fairy magic or something. Take a look at my results below and try to tell me otherwise! I’ve tried a few lash serums over the years and nothing compares to Lilash in terms of visible results. It does take some time to see a difference, but when you do it is incredible. I started using it on January 1st of this year for easy tracking:

    • By January 15th, I noted that the outer corners of my lashes were starting to curl up on their own.
    • By January 29th I noted that they seemed significantly longer on the outer corners.
    • By February 2nd my lashes were starting to touch my brows when I curled them and applied mascara. You can see this clearly in the first pic in this post!

    I didn’t have any sensitivities with Lilash like the famous prescription only Latisse warns of, besides some occasional extra sleep in my eyes when I woke up in the morning. I noticed no discoloration of my lash line or issues with stinging. I simply applied every night for 3 months (there is also a 6 month tube available) and let them grow!

    How to Grow Long Lashes

    As you can see, my results speak for themselves! Yes, I had decently long lashes before. As mentioned they were super straight, naturally very fine, would get sparse spots and often didn’t hold up to volumizing mascara. Since using Lilash (again, this is my second course of it, once this time last year, and now January-March 2017) I can wear whatever mascara I like and my curl holds. For that alone, I would keep buying it, but the fact that it helps my lashes grow SEVERAL millimetres longer is incredible!

    Have you tries eyelash growth serums before?

    What is your ‘lash routine’?


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