Smashbox Light It Up Lipstick and Mattifier Set Giveaway

Smashbox Light It Up Lipstick Set + 12 Days of Christmas Giveaways #3

Smashbox Light It Up Lipstick and Mattifier Set Giveaway

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Sometimes I find it hard to choose which lipstick goes with which eye look. I know, this is a big dilemma to have! So why not have 6 different lipstick shades, as well as the ability to transform them into a matte finish with a swipe of the hand? That’s like getting 12 different lipsticks! I need more lipstick like I need a hole in the head, so guess what!? For my 12 Days of Christmas Giveaways #3 one lucky winner is going to win this incredible Smashbox Light It Up Lipstick & Lip Mattifier Set!

The Giveaway

One lucky winner will receive the Smashbox Light It Up Lipstick & Lip Mattifier Set.
Giveaway is open worldwide; Entrants must be 18+.

Last day to enter is Dec 31st 2016 and winner will be contacted via email and then have 3 business days to reply before a redraw. During the 12 Days of Christmas Giveaways, readers can enter ALL giveaways, but can only win ONE.

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  1. My first make up memory was an odd one where it was my first time putting make up on ya well I looked like a clown as I didn’t know how to apply it properly. Lol.. always something to learn.

  2. When I was about 7 or 8 my nanny tried to teach me to do makeup. It was fun. When I was a teenager I had an unfortunate phase of drawing on my brows so heavily that they looked like I did it with marker.

  3. When I was in elementary school, we used to use Kool Aid powder as makeshift lipstick. It wasn’t the best look… 🙂

  4. I was only allowed to wear certain things, like lip product or blush. I remember going to school in 4th grade once and wearing bright red colored lips. Oh my. That was fun lol

  5. I was never allowed to wear makeup at all! On my first day of school in grade 9 my friends were waiting for me to ambush me , they did my entire face. LOL Washed it off after school but had a red face for a day!

  6. My favorite makeup memory is when my sister and I put more than half a bottle of foundation on our faces. We were around 8 or 9 so it’s understandable 🙂

  7. I have memories of getting a lighted makeup mirror when I was about 16 and I use to practise applying cosmetics all the time in front of it.
    via Rhonda W G.

  8. My Mom did not wear makeup and my friends Mother showed me how to apply eye shadow when I was 14, guess I was not doing it right

  9. Such amazing giveaway prizes! It would be amazing to win any of them! And I have a soft spot for lipstick, I’m a hoarder! ?

  10. I remember when i was 16 i used to watch a lot of michelle phan videos and i was very impressed by her barbie look. Did the same look one day, made a mess with wrong color of foundation and too much blush. My father & bro laughed at me for days ughhhh my first makeup humiliation >< never did that look again :p

  11. Yikes. When I was in 6th grade I got one of those big (cheap) make up kits with fifty colors of eyeshadow and would experience with the brightest colors and lots of it.

  12. In a rush to get ready for work I applied my mineral bronzer instead of my foundation. I only realized my mistake when I saw myself in a mirror at work. An all over shimmer isn’t a good look!

  13. my first makeup memory was simply lipstick. i always pretended to be a tomboy growing up, and hid the fact that i was girly at times. i found my mothers lipstick and put it on, only to find it extremely difficult to wash off. I ended up using a lot of strength to wash the lipstick off, but when I put it on it felt really nice heh.

  14. One of my first memories of messing with makeup was sneaking into my niece’s (yes, I said niece’s- I’m the youngest of 7 kids. I was an aunt 7 times over before I was even thought of) makeup bag and her yelling at me about it. I learned real quick right then that women are serious about their makeup! Thanks for the giveaway. Good luck everyone!

  15. lets say i stabbed my self in the eye with a mascara wand…more than once ( i do blame that one specific max factor mascara tho :P)

  16. i had these eccentric colored eyeshadows and i would match my eyeshadow to my shirt color.. i dont know why no one told me bright green and blue eyeshadow with my blue green shirt looks so bad

  17. My first memory of putting on makeup is when I was 11. i found some nice blue eyeshadow…yep, blue! My Dad asked me if I fell in the makeup jar!. lol

  18. the biggest mistakes i have made with makeup related to poorly matched foundations! hello orange face and foundation lines!

  19. I recently bought a brow pencil that was too dark and made me look like a clown. thankfully Sephora takes returns!

  20. it was when i tried the make up for the first time on my little brother , it was hilarious and so the result 😉

  21. i remember never trying on my mom’s makeup/lipstick like most, but i do remember my first ever makeup purchase! maybelline’s powder compact i wore in jr high all the way through high school!

  22. Having to catch a 6am plane I woke at 4.30am, it was dark and I was tired, did my make-up..instead of using my eyebrow pencil, I filled my eyebrows in with blue eyeliner…yes I spent the plane filght and some time walking around with blue eyebrows

  23. I remember going to our Rite Aid when I was in like 7th grade and getting that super dark burgundy colored lipstick that was popular in the 90’s! So ugly 🙂

  24. My first makeup memory is when I was about four years old, watching my mother put on her lip liner and lipstick! I thought she was so beautiful and loved the colors she chose! It is a good memory!

  25. Giving my little brother a “makeover” with my grandma’s makeup when I was six or seven. Red lipstick, blue eyeshadow, and pink cream blusher EVERYWHERE lol

  26. I went to a KIKO store and asked them to show me the basics of makeup… I got out looking like a clown with bright lips and the face with a color very different from the neck.. face hidden and just going straight to the car and home!

  27. I can’t think of a specific incident but looking back, all through high school I would only put my foundation to my jawline. No blending. I also had massive caterpillar eyebrows that I finally got waxed in my twenties and I felt like a supermodel. I walked around the next day expect lots of ‘what’s different about you’ comments. No one ever noticed lol.

  28. I don’t think I’ve made a /major/ mistake so far, my first memory has to be when I was like 8-9, took my mom’s red lipstick without her knowing and put it on before going to school 😀

  29. One morning I was a major rush getting out the door and while I was running errands people kept looking at me then later that day when I went to use the washroom &:looked in the mirror I realized that after putting dots of concealer on my face I had forgotten to blend them in…I looked ridiculous!

  30. I remember when I was a kid playing with some fake make up and then I was looking like a clown, but that’s ok I was happy and now I know what to do 😀

  31. I did not really use a lot of makeup in high school, but it always bothered me I had very blond eyebrows, that were almost non-existent. So my first eyebrow product was very dark brown pencil, almost black really…. now I can only laugh about photos from these dark times 😀

  32. I still remember my first makeup kit. My grandmother gave me an Estee Lauder holiday box when I was 12. Oh how I loved it!

  33. My first ever makeup memory was when I tried to apply black pencil on my waterline and I couldn’t stop crying. I still can’t stand it until now.

  34. My first ever memorable makeup story is when my mom applied this lipstick from The Body Shop that was minty. I hated the idea but when it was already on my lips, I loved it. I was so young then.

  35. This is kind of embarrassing but funny; so when I was around 8-10 yrs old, my friend who was 4 years older than me left her liquid eyeliner down my house. I wasn’t sure what it was back then so I drew a moustache on my face with it ?? Lord knows why

  36. I used to think I was quite good at makeup around grade 7-8 because I was the only girl wearing it. I used to get compliments from other girls, but just as many odd looks. Looking back on it now I see that the $2 neon, orange, cream-to-powder foundation might not have been the best for my dry patchy skin. I used to combine it with a beautiful raccoon eyeliner though, no mascara, so it balances out.

  37. I don’t remember it, but my mum told me, it was with my mom’s lipstick and eye shadow when I was probably 5 years old.

  38. My first makeup memory is really having done for my year 11 Social – it was quite heavy esp the foundation. Didn’t look quite right probably why i don’t do my makeup really heavy now

  39. First makeup memory: Getting into my mom’s lipstick and eye shadow when I was probably 3 or 4 years old. No regrets.

  40. First makeup memory was buying my very first Mac lipstick in highschool. It was my most prized posssesion.

  41. When I was in middle school I would sneak an entire pouch of makeup to school with me eachday and I would pile this horrible orange Merle Norman foundation on my face. That stopped real quick when my mom showed up to my school and made me wash my face off in the bathroom,lol.

  42. I don’t remember it, but my mum told me a story about my “lipstick disaster” – I was 2, and while my mum was sleeping, I took a lipstick from her bag. I drew a real masterpiece with it all over the curtains, blankets and pillows 😀

  43. My first make up memory was at the age of ten, I used to find lipsticks of my mother and putting them definitely like a Joker !!!

  44. Some memories are only fun if enough time has passes since they happened 🙂
    I do remember getting ready for work one morning with not enough hours of actually sleep the night before. It took a friend at work to point out I had only put makeup on one eye and left the other one bare. Not my finest moment ever 🙂

  45. I bought an elf liquid eyeliner (my first liquid eyeliner ever). While I was applying it with a friend, I got a drop of the black liquid into my eye, and the white part of my eye turned black and my eye started crying black tears. It was so funny, but in the moment I was horrified!

  46. My first makeup memory was I got into my babysitters makeup and it was SO MUCH FUN. Of course she didn’t think so. I have lived makeup forever.

  47. My first makeup memory is as a little girl finding my moms makeup bag and turning my sleeping grandpa into a sleeping princess.

  48. My first makeup memory is when I first put on foundation in high school and it was two shades darker than my skin color. It was horrible haha

  49. makeup mistake is I used a very dark shade of foundation on my face and didnt realize how bad it was till I got home

  50. My first makeup memory was being 11 years old and wanting a Revlon lipstick so badly because I thought Cindy Crawford was so beautiful…and the lipstick would magically turn me into her lol!

  51. First makeup memory is a kohl I used and since then the journey has been miraculous! Though glitches on the way best was when I lost one false lash and wash roaming around in only one ?

  52. I remember having a sleep over with my friends in middle school and giving each other “makeovers” — definitely some pretty scary looks I’m sure! ?

  53. A couple years back, I was wearing green lipstick for St. Patrick’s Day, and no one bothered to tell me that some of it got on my teeth. Apparently it looked like salad and everyone assumed it was tightly wedged in my teeth, and I wouldn’t be able to get it out. Why did no one realize it was my lipstick. It was on my lips.

  54. I remember how beautiful i felt when i put on make up for the first time in my life! I was in high school and i felt like i discovered a whole new world!

  55. My first makeup memory was when I started digging in my mother’s makeup box and used all the items wrong. Even the mascara. I used a TON on my eyebrows. I looked ridiculous! I had bright blue eyeshadow around my eyes like a racoon. Ah, good times.

  56. My worse make-up mistake in memory was using waaaay tooo much blush. My parents thought there was something wrong with my skin when they first saw me.

  57. my nana gave me some “kids” make up and i used it all, the more the better, caked as much on as i could, it was all blue eye shadows and hot pink blush and pink lipstick! im a red head 🙂

  58. The first time I tried to do smokey eyes was for a cousin’s wedding and I wound up looking like a raccoon that’d been punched in the face.

  59. My first makeup memory is of me applying all my mom’s makeup (wrongfully of course) and walking around the house in my best outfit to go with the look

  60. When I was in middle school we used to match our clothes with the eye shadow, literally every color… and wear too much make up for school and day time lol

  61. my first makeup memory was wearing my moms lipstick. I used to think I could put it on without a mirror just fine hahah

  62. I didn’t know how to set my makeup for a while so every time I would hug someone they’d get a makeover by accident

  63. I once used my bronzer as a powder because i overslept and i only realized it 30 minutes after i left the house lol 🙁

  64. I bought a foundation and I tried it on my hand! ?? I came home to occupy and when I was in a bathroom of the place I noticed that I looked pale! LOL ???

  65. oh my god i remember my first time i used any makeup was when i was 5. i stole my mom’s dior red lipstick and felt like such a lady! so so funny!

  66. I put on my mom’s lipstick when I was in kindergarten and i couldn’t wash it away so I wiped off with my white school uniform.

  67. I spent ages making my eyes look flawless and then would be too late to pay the same attention to my lips so I’d just slap on whatever gloss I had on hand

  68. GLITTER EYE-LINER! When I was in high-school, my friends and I went through a faze of putting this into our water lines! Seriously, what were we thinking! lol

  69. My first makeup experience is during 6th grade. I had found out about BB cream and decided to use it. But I had no idea that it came in colors!LOL and for a few months I thought I looked good and confident. Until one day, my crush during that time asked if something was wrong with my face. When I finally found out what I did wrong, I was on the floor laughing so hard! The cream wasn’t even blended, LOL. Smh 🙂

  70. I live in Slovakia and it’s really challenging to find a makeup, powder, foundation or pretty much anything in the right skin tone, because most of the brands we have here have like 3 shades and all useto be pretty dark (even though the brand itself has like 10 different shades, in the drugstores here you can only find 3). And so when I was like 14 I really wanted to start using makeup so I went and bought a powder, I had basically no idea how to use makeup properly so I just used corrector and put powder over it and for a couple of months I used to go to school with orange face and white neck, until one of my classmates told me it looked ridiculous.

  71. I always loved makeup-my mom says that she would give me her makeup bag & I would play hours with everything inside & I never broke or damaged anything 🙂 #funtimes And my first luxury buy was Versace lipgloss (pale pink with silver sparkle)

  72. I used to wear winged liner so often in high school and thought I was a pro at liquid eyeliner, but looking back at the photos now ahahaha, my wings were so CURVED, like a perfect quarter circle and there was nothing sharp about them :’D.

  73. Well when I was little my parents gave me a kit with a nail polish and a lipstick for kids and it was awesome – it really painted! Apparently, my little brother thought it was awesome too, and decided to paint his entire face with the lipstick… It had to be confiscated… But oh well, I still got to keep the nail polish! That is my first makeup memory!

  74. I remember I was in Junior high and I was breaking out bad. I went to the grocery store and bought a bunch of concealer that was way too light for my skin and dotted all the zits and tried to blend it in but it didn’t look so good. I guess i had no idea what foundation was at the time. 🙁

  75. I remember my Mom giving me my first eye shadow (blue of course) and mascara in middle school for my first school dance! ♥

  76. Wearing makeup in my teenage years was not my finest moment. I think wearing too dark foundation & heavy blush was my worst faux pas…

  77. My worst makeup faux pas definitely involved my first time wearing lashes…pretty sure they were a good quarter inch away from my actual lash line.

  78. I remember my first makeup memory was trying on eyeshadow for the first time. I really didn’t like the way makeup looked. So I always applied white eyeshadow on my eyelids, with no mascara or eyeliner on, and I have all these awful pictures of me where my eyes look super tiny because of it hahaha.

  79. My first makeup memory was the year I got a lighted makeup mirror. As a teen of the late 60’s a lot of frosted lipstick and black eyeliner was applied daily.

  80. My first memory of make up was putting deep black eyeliner, and without beauty bloggers or vloggers, this wasn’t a success! 😀

  81. My first memory of makeup was putting on my mom’s red lipstick and nothing else.I still have that lipstick in my draw:)

  82. My mom studied makeup back when I was in grade school and I was totally obsessed with her kit, often fooling around on weekends while she did clients’ makeup. Still have all the makeup books and the hours spent watching her back then now has me incorporating some of those looks on myself.

  83. My first memories of makeup are of course my mom’s lipsticks and eyeshadows. I swatched them really good all over my face)

  84. My first makeup memory was when I asked my friend to do my makeup for me, I was super excited and really surprised that when I looked in the mirror I saw a clown face looking at me. I still let my friend do my makeup for special event but now I know to always check which colours she’s using.

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