Healthy Hair Journey: The Hair Brush You NEED in Your Life

Healthy Hair Series: Wet Brush Review
Hair has been a sensitive subject for me in recent years. Right up to the end of my twenties I had gorgeously soft, fine yet dense, straight chestnut hair that easily and enviously grew to the middle of my back. Then I hit 30 and the hormonal shift that seems to happen in many of us wrecked havoc on my locks transforming it from not just fine to also thin, brittle and tangled, frizzy rats nest nightmare. I was gutted (and still am) and have been struggling ever since to find products that might give me even a glimpse of my former hair glory. This brings me to my latest series: The Healthy Hair Journey. It’s only fitting that I kick this series off with one of the few that I have noticed a significant difference with, The Wet Brush. If you have hair past your chin, this one is for you! 

Healthy Hair Series: Wet Brush Review
Healthy Hair Series: Wet Brush Review
Now I know what you’re saying: “But Jaime, how could it improve on the Tangle Teezer?” and I’m here to tell you I felt the exact same way until about a month ago when I finally caved and bought myself a Wet Brush. I used the aforementioned Tangle Teezer for years and loved it, but always wondered if there was something even better; Something that pulled through my fine delicate hair even more gently and more importantly had a handle for easier use. I finally have found the answer that it is in the form of the very inconspicuous Wet Brush.

While it looks like a regular brush, the bristles are actually super flexible and they glide through the hair without catching on tangles like other brushes do, and fitting to its name, was created to be specifically good on wet hair. Even right out of the shower I can brush through my hair with no catching or hearing that dreaded hair ripping sound, without even needing a detangler! I’ve honestly never had a hairbrush or comb that does such an incredible job of brushing through the hair with such minimal damage. If you’re one of those people that hates having to brush their hair, doesn’t like having to work from the ends up, or struggles from stringy/knotty hair I promise you this will give you one of those Hallelujah moments!

Healthy Hair Series: Wet Brush Review

I’ve noticed the condition of my hair has gotten so much better since using my Wet Brush. Amongst other concerns, I was struggling with so much breakage and frizz from fly aways, and this brush has minimised it incredibly in the last month. It’s replaced all my other brushes except for a round brush for blow drying (if Wet Brush made a round brush version I would buy it!) and I am already planning on purchasing a mini one to keep in my handbag.

Wet Brushes come in a load of different colours and the best deals I’ve found are on Amazon. Mine has easily been the best $15 bucks I’ve spent on myself in ages!

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  1. IG follower who wanted to show your blog some love as per your Instastory (sorry the transition from hosts sucked for you!) – I was given a wet brush almost two months ago – I was going to regift it since I had a random brush that I loved and had been through a lifetime with me – alas it gave up and exploded in my hair and I remembered the wet brush sitting in my closet – I can’t believe I suffered with such a crappy brush for years – the Wet Brush is AMAZING – and I’ve had no none zip zero zilch frizz since the second time I used it – I’m going to trust your reviews even more than I already did now!!

    1. That is such a great story!! I can’t believe I went without it for so long as well, and my straight stringy hair stays frazzle free compared to before. I seriously want to give all my girlfriends one for Christmas this year LOL.
      Thanks for reading and commenting, I’m so glad you liked the review ?

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