• Glitter. Raise your hand if you’ve ever worn glitter on a night out and …
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  • Beauty is an evolution. There are products we love when we’re young that we …
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  • There’s been some rumblings in the beauty community. Is the Urban Decay Naked Reloaded …
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  • True story: My lashes are my money makers. Ok, that sounds ridiculous.
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    Pregnancy + Baby

    The trials and tribulations of trying to conceive, pregnancy, labour and delivery as well as life with new baby.

    THIS vs THAT + Things People Say to Pregnant Women

    Pregnancy definitely plays havoc on your skin, hair, nails and most obviously body. Products I normally love don’t do it for me anymore, and products I *thought* I would love once pregnant have me wondering why they were even invented! I’ve definitely noticed that some products crush the competition when…

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    Baby Gear | What’s Worth Buying?

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    Wherein Girl Loves…Girl?

    Wherein Girl Loves…Girl? View Post

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