Caudalie Cleansing Oil and Precious Oil with BeautySense

Testing out Caudalie Skincare with BeautySense

Caudalie Cleansing Oil and Precious Oil with BeautySense
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Whether a cleansing oil, balm, facial oil or mask rich in oils – it just drinks it up. Learning to not be afraid of oil in a skincare routine is one of the best things I ever did for my skin. And as a lover of waterproof and long-wearing makeup, using oils in a cleansing sense is a game-changer. So when Canadian beauty retailer BeautySense asked if they could send me a couple of famed Caudalie Skincare products to test out, it was a fast ‘yes please!’ from me.

Caudalie Cleansing Oil and Precious Oil with BeautySense

So I picked out two Caudalie products from, which has an incredible selection (BTW you can use code GLOSS10 for a nice little discount!). They have an incredible selection of beauty brands, and a couple of Caudalie products I’d had my eye on were The Makeup Removing Cleansing Oil and Premier Cru The Precious Oil.


CAUDALIE MAKEUP REMOVING CLEANSING OIL – [$34 at] is everything I want in a cleansing oil. It breaks my makeup down at rapid speed, including waterproof mascara and eyeliner! Hallelujah! No rubbing or tugging to get makeup off, this stuff is magical. Unlike many cleansing oils or balms, it leaves no residue or blurry feeling to my eyes, and it has the most subtle sweet almond aroma from the almost oil in its formula. 

I use two pumps massaged into dry skin, then emulsify with some oil before using a warm wet washcloth to remove. It removes easily, without any rubbing and leaves my skin super soft; Almost plumped like I’ve used a mask! Honestly, I can’t say enough good things… it was love at first cleanse! 


CAUDALIE PREMIER CRU THE PRECIOUS OIL – [$110 at] is a beautiful oil for those who don’t traditionally love the feel of heavier oils on their skin. It has an almost dry oil effect that gives a really nice natural radiance to the skin. I’ve used it as part of an evening and morning routine, and it plays nice with all my other skincare products as well as sits really beautiful under makeup! The brand claims to smooth out fine lines and wrinkles, and I would say that it definitely gives me that baby-faced vibe I’m happy to rock!

I will mention that this is strongly scented, both naturally from the ingredients as well as some added fragrance. If you have sensitive skin, I wouldn’t personally pair this oil directly after using a strong active product as I noticed it did give me about 10 minutes of rosiness when I did so. Having said that, any other time I used it in my routine I had absolutely no issues with the fragrance other than feeling like I smelled extra nice that day 😉


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Have you tried Caudalie skincare?
If so, what are your faves and must-tries from the brand? Let me know in the comments below!


Caudalie Cleansing Oil and Precious Oil with BeautySense

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