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AURA Nutrition Collagen MCT Protein Powder Review


AURA kindly sponsored that post as well as this post to get the conversation going about how our mental health can affect us physically. A very real symptom of trying to burn the candle at both ends is neglecting your body’s need to be nourished. I was struggling a lot with my self-doubt as a mother and feeling utterly exhausted from the minute I woke in the morning. My focus was on how crappy I felt, rather than why I felt that way. I let my body and soul feel like they weren’t a factor in my happiness!

Keep reading to learn more about AURA and for the chance to enter an amazing giveaway!

One of the changes I knew I could make was to supplement my diet to feed my body what it was craving. I figured that if I made some changes to physically have more energy, than maybe mentally I would be over one giant hurdle. Teaming up with AURA really came at the most necessary time for me, and I couldn’t be more grateful! 

AURA is based and manufactured right here in Vancouver Canada. The AURA mission is to “fuel every woman’s innate drive to elevate herself and those around her – one activity, one relationship, one moment at a time”. Their team is built of mothers, elite-level athletes, specialized nutrition consultants, and a PhD in biomedical engineering.

AURA Nutrition Collagen MCT Protein Powder Review


I was given the chance to try several of AURA’s products including:

I had mentioned a while back that I was going to start incorporating collagen into my routine to help with my skin, hair, nails and joints. I was sick and tired of feeling achy and stiff all the time. The Collagen Generator can be added to your coffee, smoothie, tea in the morning and is tasteless.

I love to use the Collagen Creamer with MCT in my smoothies. If you aren’t familiar with MCT, it stands for medium-chain triglyceride. MCT has a multitude of benefits behind it. The ones that piqued my interest the most were it’s connections to aiding weight loss through a feeling of fullness, and as an energy-boosting supplement. The Collagen Creamer with MCT just adds that ever so slightly creamy effect to my smoothies that I’m missing since I use coconut water as my liquid. 

Mr GLG was a fan of MCT products before trying AURA, but has fallen completely in love with the Energy Brain and Body Fuel – so much so that he used up the entire tub before I got to try it more than a few times! Sneaky! He feels it makes a significant difference in clarity and how alert he is on his hourly morning commute to work. Adding a spoon of it to his morning coffee has him feeling more energy all day and can hold out until the afternoon for a second cup of joe! 

AURA Nutrition Collagen MCT Protein Powder Review

Protein powders are a funny thing, because while some love them sweet and tasty on their own, others prefer them to blend in as a secondary note. I’m of the latter variety, so I found the Plant-Based Vanilla Protein too sweet for my tastes. I prefer to mix protein powders with fruit for smoothies and this one would benefit from drinking on its own, I feel.

Having said that, the chocolate All Natural Complete Whey Protein is where it’s at for me! I’m not normally a chocolate lover, but I’ve created an awesome fudgy chocolate cookie recipe that makes getting some extra protein seem downright delightful! Stay tuned for that recipe in the next couple of posts…

AURA Nutrition Collagen MCT Protein Powder Review GIVEAWAY


AURA is very generously offering one lucky Canadian reader a bundle including:

  • Collagen Generator
  • Elevated Collagen with MCT
  • CHOICE of Plant-Based or Complete Whey Protein
  • AURA Gym Bag
  • AURA Shaker

**To enter, you must reside in Canada and be 18+ age. Winner will be contacted via their method of entry (either via email from Rafflecopter or DM on Instagram) and will have 3 business days to respond before a redraw. **

Giveaway is live until 11:59pm Saturday Augst 31st 2019.


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AURA Collagen and Protein Wellness Bundle Giveaway



This post has been sponsored in partnership with AURA Nutrition. Brand partnerships are always written 100% honestly and authentically, and help keep running! You can read my full disclaimer here.


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