• 5 Steps I’m Taking to Get My Post Baby Body Back
  • 5 Steps I’m Taking to Get My Post Baby Body Back

    As you probably all know, I am a new mom to a beautiful 4 month old little girl. After a loooong pregnancy (she was 2 weeks late) and an emergency C Section delivery, I am finally ready to get back in action when it comes to taking my health into my own hands. Here are 5 plans I have devised to get my health on track – let me know what steps you take to get back on track in the comments below!


    Planning Our Weekly Meals

    One of our biggest struggles as a new family is what I call the “What’s For Dinner Phenomenon”. Previously as a family of 2, we never bothered planning which often led to eating out, takeout or random trips to the grocery store. Naturally, this leads to unhealthy choices and those dreaded I’m-starving-so-I’ll-just-buy-all-the-tasty-looking-foods-in-the-store moments. We’ve all been there, right? With a new baby, I don’t have the time, nor the budget to do this, and planning a few easy to make, affordable meals at the beginning of the week will help me keep on track.

    Joining an Inclusive Gym That Won’t Break the Budget

    This is probably the step that will make the most difference! Joining a gym can be an overwhelming experience, but Fit4Less makes it a breeze. Not only is it affordable for that maternity leave budget, starting at $4.99/every 2 weeks (plus joining fee), but there is Family/Couples Black Card Membership starting at only $10.99/every two weeks.¹ It can be tough to factor the cost of a gym membership into a tighter budget, but Fit4Less offers great affordability any with the option for no scary commitments.

    How to Get Your Pre Baby Body Back

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    I also love that the Fit4Less facilities are super clean, bright and plentiful when it comes to space and machinery. There is an ‘Everyone is Welcome’ mentality I truly appreciate as someone getting back into a fitness program; Whether you are just starting out or crush weights on the daily, there is space for you there.  I don’t have a ton of free time these days, so I love that there is even a 30 Minute Express Circuit, for those days I can’t find the time.

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    Stepping Out of My Comfort Zone 

    This might seem like a strange one, but I think many new moms will relate. It can be so easy to fall into a routine of simple survival when you become a parent for the first time. Sometimes you just need to take the first step out of your regular comfort zone to get the ball moving when it comes to a lifestyle change. As a new mom, I am a little self-conscious about getting back into the swing of fitness for example, and I feel so much more at ease visiting a Fit4Less facility because of its inclusive nature. I also reached out to another new mom locally and we are setting up regular meetups. This will be great to not only commiserate but support each other and break free from the routine of eat, sleep, exist (not necessarily in that order!)


    Walk a Day Keeps The Fat at Bay

    Now that the Spring weather is starting to show itself, I have been trying to get out with the baby once a day. Even if it is just a couple blocks down the street to pick up milk at the store, getting out of the house is good for us both, mentally and physically. On day’s where Everly is fighting a nap, this is especially good for me in terms of multitasking! I get a bit active each day pushing the stroller or having her in the carrier, and she usually gets a nap in.


     No Bake Lime Coconut Vegan Energy Bites

    Healthier One Handed Snacks

    Snacking has been the way I get most of my food intake these days. Being a new mom is tough enough, but with a colicky baby, I found myself living on carbs and one-handed snacks to get me through. Since I know cutting out snacks isn’t going to happen (#momlife!) I need to make better choices for snacks. Easy, no-bake recipes like this one I created last year, can stay in the fridge for a week and are easy to chomp on the go for some much-needed energy.


    How to Get Your Pre Baby Body Back


    ¹Special Conditions: When joining user will be required to pay a $44 joining fee plus applicable tax based on the purchase of 1 year. Payments will commence every two weeks based on your start date. No additional fees are required above this specific.
    Black Card membership commitment options: 1) No commitment: requires a $44 joining fee plus applicable tax and 30-day notice to cancel a membership; or 2) One-year commitment: no joining fee required. On both options payments plus applicable tax will commence every two weeks based on your start date. No additional fees are required above the specified fees. Other conditions apply.
    See https://www.fit4less.ca/membership for more details.



    This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Fit4Less. The opinions and text are all mine.


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