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  • Smelling Good: Custom Fragrance Blending with Demeter


    Custom Fragrance Blending with the Demeter Fragrance Library

    If you’re like me and are extremely particular about scent and fragrance, you know how hard it can be to get a signature scent. I struggle with many smells giving me migraines, and it’s especially hard when shopping for a new perfume to get something that brings to life what the perfect fragrance in my head is. The Demeter Fragrance Library has been around for ages, creating incredibly on point unique scents that include everything from Turpentine (yes, seriously) to Suntan Lotion (on my list next for sure!) to Glue (still not joking…) to classic scents like Gardenia, Patchouli and Vanilla. In fact, the library is so extensive, it’s overwhelming! Not to worry though, because now the brand is letting you custom cocktail your own perfect scent.


    Custom Fragrance Blending with the Demeter Fragrance Library
    You can now get the Foolproof Blending Tool Kit, which lets you custom mix some scents you know you like the smell of, to come up with your own perfect signature scent. Imagine creating something that is 100% unique to you?! Since I’ve struggled so much with fragrance in the past, I was thrilled when the CBB and Demeter teamed up to give me the chance to make up my own perfect spritz.
    The blending kit comes with everything you need to create your own little masterpiece, including blending strips, pipettes and an empty bottle to decorate as you will (I went minimalist cause that’s how I roll). I then chose three of the existing scents that I knew I loved individually, and got to mixing!
    I chose Jasmine for some sweet floral qualities, Lavender because it’s so soothing and reminds me of the summer sun, and Salt Air which is an homage to my love of the beach. I wanted to create something that captures my love of being near the water – slightly reminiscent of sun cream and ocean waves, with a touch of floral feminity. I found that a ratio of 2 parts Salt air, 1 part Lavender and 1 part Jasmine gave me a fresh and feminine scent that only lacked perhaps a bit of woodsiness to be quintessential “Pacific North West” – which naturally is what I named my fragrance!
    Let me know what scents you find the most intriguing (and the ones that downright shock you!) in the comments below, and take a look at some of the other Canadian Beauty Bloggers concoctions!
    What would you name your personal custom fragrance?






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