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    Currently Lusting After: June 2016 Beauty Wish List

    June 2016 Wish List: Dyson Supersonic, Urban Decay Pro Brushes, Charlotte Tilbury LEgendary Lashes, UberChic, Benefit Precisely Yours Brows, Urban Decay Vice Lipstick
    As you all may know, it was my birthday a couple of days ago (go check out my massive birthday giveaway here!) and I asked you all to leave a comment letting me know what makeup/beauty item you’d like to get for your birthday. I’ve been loving reading all the answers, but it’s got me thinking of the items that have been on my wish list! I’ve got eight new beauty items that I’ve been incredibly curious about since they were released. Keep reading to find out what made the short list and why!

    The Dyson Supersonic Hair Dryer

    I know what you’re thinking: “Isn’t that thing crazy expensive!?” and yes, I feel like a multi-hundred blow dryer is astronomical. Having said that, owning a Dyson vacuum, I am beginning to see why the brand has such a following. What I’m most curious about is how much lighter/quieter this is than a $50/$100/$150 hair dryer.

    After watching some of the demo videos on Charlotte’s website, I am sold on this already. I love the teeny tiny brush, which I think will be better for those of us who aren’t blessed with lush brows, in order to get every single little hair.

    I recently saw that Urban Decay had newly launched an entire brush line (currently, I’ve only seen them on Nordstrom.com) and some of them are really unique looking. The packaging is chic and fits in with the brand’s recent reworkings. Even more unique – the handles are made from recycled aluminium, and the synthetic bristles are made from recycled plastic water bottles!! 
    I honestly didn’t think twice about this mascara until my lovely friend Chelsea of Olive & Ivy posted about it and showed me how crazy long it made her lashes – then it instantly went into the “must try” category!

    You’ve probably heard by now that Benefit has completely revamped their entire brow range, to include eleventy-billion more ways to groom your brows. At the top of my list is this super slim pencil which I think might actually be skinnier than the ABH Brow Wiz (which I love). 
    Given the fact that I ADORE Charlotte’s original mascara, I know I’ll be trying this at some point! I’ve watched the videos, I’ve read the reviews; It.Must.Be.Mine.

    This might seem like a strange one, but I’ve been dabbling in nail stamping (when I say dabbling I really mean I’ve tried unsuccessfully about seven or eight times and have been successful once or twice…). This crazy mat allows you to paint your polish directly on it, and then peel it off and stick to your nails as a decal! Yup, gonna need that…

    Another massive launch that you all surely know about unless you’ve been hiding under a rock, is the insane 100 shade launch of the Vice Lipsticks. I was a big fan of the formula of the Revolution Lipsticks, so I am itching to get my hands on some of these to put them side by side for comparison!

    What new launches have you been excited about? Are any of these items on your wish list, too?


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