Noteworthy Vol #1 | 5 Things Worth Reading and Watching This Week

Noteworthy is a new series where I catalog interesting things I find on the grand interwebs each week to share with you all. Some with be beauty, some fashion, others fascinating newsworthy tidbits I discovered that I thought we worth sharing. So without further adieu, here are 5 interesting things worth reading or watching this week…

Lisa Eldridge’s ‘The Ultimate Smokey Kohl Tutorial’ – this video from Lisa was beyond a smokey eye look, this was a delve into the Ancient Egyptian civilization and the use of kohl for eye protection, religious connotations and class distinction. Lisa even went to the Fitzwilliam Museum and had some authentic kohl and replica applicator created to use in her tutorial. Seriously, no one commits to going beyond a beauty tutorial like Lisa! 

‘The unexpected, disorientating tidal wave of grief that can accompany motherhood’ by Sali Hughes – whilst I don’t know the blessing of being someone’s Mum (one day I hope) I found this read both heart wrenching and inspiring enough to post to twitter in hopes new mums everywhere might see it. Sali hits the nail on the head for many Mum’s that cannot fathom the thoughts that might enter their head despite their adorable bundle of joy. Worth reading for women of all ages, children or not I say…

‘When I Hate My Body’ by Holly of Bloomin’ Rouge – Wherein Holly talks candidly about how we tell ourselves we’ll have time to love ourselves once we’ve dropped those 10+ pounds, and how thoughts like that are dysfunctional and detrimental. As a girl who’s rewarded and punished herself with food for the better part of 20 years, this one hit close to home and I’m proud of Holly for having the guts to write it.
‘Ray Tomlinson, the creator of email, has died’  – When was the last time you did a walk down memory lane and remembered the days before email? For some, you may not have even been alive, but for those of us who grew up without computers in our homes, or the ability to communicate at any given time it still seems revolutionary. You know, back in the days when you had to handwrite chain letters? Rest in Peace Ray.

‘Trust Me: I’m a beauty Blogger’ by Hayley of London Beauty Queen – The blogosphere has been wrapped up in controversy these last few weeks regarding transparency and use of disclaimers in the beauty blogging world. Hayley breaks down many stigmas in this post (why bloggers use things like affiliate links and feature press samples : A girl’s gotta put food on the table!) and why it should be in all bloggers best interest to build trust with their audiences. It’s a fantastic read regardless if you blog, or just love reading blogs. 

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