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  • Love Themed Beauty | Valentines 2016

    Love themed beauty products too faced, charlotte tilbury, tata harper, mac cosmetics
    Whether you celebrate Valentine’s, or Galentine’s or just think the whole holiday is a load of hogwash created to get you to spend your money on cards, flowers and chocolates (but really, it’s one day a year guys…) I thought it would be fun to put together a little collection of romantic, lovey-dovey themed beauty bits. So for those who love to love, this one’s for you…

    Love themed beauty products too faced, charlotte tilbury, tata harper, mac cosmetics
    I love this cotton zip makeup bag, which happens to have some kiss prints from iconic fashion models and women in the industry. It’s super soft and folds up nice and compact for travel, but holds a surprisingly large amount of makeup. 
    A blend of 10 of the world’s most potent aphrodisiac essential oils. Need I say more?

    This little magical pencil somehow makes lips look plump and juicy in the most realistic, natural way. This isn’t for those who want Kylie Jenner lips, this is for those who want “I wake up like this” lips. 
    The perfect nude-lip gloss that finishes off a sexy smokey eye beautifully. Your smooching partner of choice might appreciate the subtle, non-red shade when it comes to transferring, too!
    A soft shell pink that can be swiped on sans mirror without worry of looking clownish. This is the your-lips-but-pinker shade that is perfect for a first date, second date, 354356th date or night out with the girls.
    What more could you ask for on a romantic date (or anytime quite frankly!) than a light from within candlelit glow? This offering from Too Faced is a duo powder (one shade more gold, the other more pink) that gives a really pretty sheen, rather than frosty sparkle. 
    Could it get any better than the name Love Hangover? This pop of coral rose is one of my favourite shades to wear to perk up the complexion, especially if you’ve had a lack of sleep… (get your minds out of the gutter!)

    I hope you all have a wonderful day filled with love for yourself most importantly!



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